England vs Pakistan 2020, Live Cricket Score And Updates, 1st T20, Manchester

1:36 AM IST
Update 2102 Local (2002 GMT) – Okay! But when the rain stopped, the fieldfield got a real hammer! And the groundsmen didn’t have enough time to shape them up for some work! What does this mean? The match has been dropped!

1:36 AM IST
I’ll be back but with bad news! The game is abandoned! The rain passed but not before the damage was done!

1:13 AM IST
Update 2042 Local (1942 GMT) – Well, we have good news! The rain has completely stopped. And covers have been removed.

1:01 AM IST
Update 2030 Local (1930 GMT) – No Rain Leave Now! For the 5 over shooter, the game must start by local 2119, and then Pakistan must score 56 to win the match. But suppose we get more than just a 5-run run chase. Fingers crossed!

12:52 AM IST
The 131/6 score was when it came to rain to push the players back. With its entry, we have a revised amount for Pakistan using the DLS method. However, for us to take any action, the rain must first stop and for now, it’s at its offensive best. Stay tuned for updates.

12:49 AM IST
Pakistan started off spectacularly with Imad Wasim in the first over. He kept things tight until the powerplay and never let England out. However, post that the bowlers have been hit by Banton. However, once Shadab was eliminated, the bowlers once again put their magic on Pakistan. Imad and Shadab got 2 and Iftikhar Ahmed got one.

12:49 AM IST
England were asked to bat after the toss went to Pakistan. A slow start and then a massive counter-attack from Banton. He added 71 runs with David Malan and scored the most runs in the stands. He liked Shadab and Rauf and scored briskly against the two, eventually scoring 71 off 42 balls with the help of 5 balls. However, once he fell, England lost just 3 for 5. The rain came to shorten the English innings.

12:48 AM IST
It has been raining and the umpires have decided to give England’s innings a full stop. We have already started losing overs. Let’s see what the revised goal is. In the meantime, let’s see how things can turn out when we get in on the action.

12:41 AM IST
Update 2010 Local (1910 GMT) – We started losing overs and have already lost a few. And, it keeps sprinkling. Not heavy but enough for all of us to wait. So, the wait will continue.

12:17 AM IST
1945 Local (1845 GMT) Update – Okay! We will start losing overs soon. Don’t think we’ll see England come back with the bat. Therefore, DLS will be implemented and Pakistan will have a revised target. And, by the way, this is bucketing at Old Trafford.

11:58 PM IST
Update 1926 Local (1826 GMT) – Rain is heavy as ground crews decide to protect the square on both sides.

11:53 PM IST
Well, pet pet umpire says! They’re off, it’s a little difficult now. Right now the hover cover is ON only so it’s probably a passing shower.

11:52 PM IST
16.2 Mohammed Amir to Chris Jordan, wide, 1 run, outside and not wide! No bat included. Another ball from the leg side by Aamir. Jordan misses his flick again. Rizwan collects the ball back. They all appeal but the umpire has already made it wide. Rizwan says he has heard something. So, Babar makes it to the top at the last moment. It shows that the Ultra Edge rolls and there is no bat. Pakistan, finished with two of their reviews.

11:51 PM IST
The appeal of those who have been trapped in the past has been rejected. It was taken to the top.

11:50 PM IST
16.1 Mohammed Amir to Chris Jordan, leg bye, 4 run, four leg byes! Useful border! The line from Aamir is not correct. It is in Jordan’s pads. He sees it working on the leg side but escapes. However, the ball clips its thigh pad and rolls around to a good foot fence.

11:49 PM IST
Mohammed Amir is back. It is raining but the umpires do not feel outgoing. Maybe they think it’s a passing shower.

11:48 PM IST
15.6 Imad Wasim 1 run to Chris Jordan, another single to end a successful over from Wasim. Good spell ends by them. They have 4-0-31-2. His last ball is flown from an angle towards the mid-wicket.

11:48 PM IST
15.5 Imad Wasim to Sam Billings, 1 run, once again to the pad, Billings working it through mid-wicket and taking one.

11:48 PM IST

11:48 PM IST
Chris Jordan is the next batsman.

11:46 PM IST
15.3 Imad Wasim to Lewis Gregory ,, T! Stumped! Another bite the ground! Another excellent piece of Rizwan’s glove work. Pakisa

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