Farmers borrowing high interest to send their children to college!

Bangalore: Families of many students at the University of Agricultural Sciences at Bagalkotte, who are suffering from a lock-down of the coronavirus epidemic, are borrowing at high interest rates to send their children to college.

I have chosen agronomy as a good fit for college education courses. But this year, in the wake of the epidemic, his father, who is a farmer, has borrowed 20,000 per month at an interest rate of 5 per cent. Rakshit (name changed), who is attending a second year undergraduate at the University of Horticultural Sciences at Bagalkotte, has been forced to pay interest until the principal is repaid.

Students thought the semester fee would be reduced by the lockdown because of the lack of funds raised for travel, convocation, sports, and career development the previous year. However, despite the directives of the Department of Education, the university has increased the fee by Rs 2,700 per semester. Rakshit 19, 305 shulka has to be paid by October 5.

Their father, too, is in debt and has appealed to the Dean and Chancellor to reduce fees. However, another student Anand Kumar (name changed) said there was no positive response.

The state-level coordination committee of six universities has unanimously decided to increase the fee. The fee is being increased by 5 per cent every year. How to run a university? The Chancellor Indirash says the government only funds the institute for research and education depends on the fees of the students.


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