Food should not be eaten after many hours, be it lentils or rice

How long can we store things in the fridge: In the busy life of the city, one cannot cook fresh food while one is starving. This often happens with working people, who cook food and store it in the fridge to save time. The purpose of storing leftover food in the refrigerator is to prevent food wastage or to save time. Food in the fridge may prevent spoilage, but can it keep your health from getting spoiled? To get the answer to this question, tell us how long it is safe for health to keep food, fruits and vegetables in the fridge.

Cooked rice should be eaten within 2 days in the refrigerator. Put in the fridge before eating the rice, place them in a short time at room temperature. After that, only eat rice after the heat properly.

Old bread that can cause stomach pain
If you keep the wheat bread in the refrigerator, it is best to serve it within 12 to 14 hours after making the bread. If you do not do it, in addition to losing its nutritional value, it will also cause abdominal pain.

How many days should you consume the lens?
The diet of the lens is left in the fridge and it was perishing ittukondiddare you do it, then eat it within 2 days. After 2 days, after consuming the lens in the fridge, it begins to form gas in the stomach.

How to cut a variety of fruits Collecting
Sometimes the chopped fruits are saved. In such a situation, people would then put them in the fridge to use. But there is a certain time to eat each fruit. After that the fruit is contaminated.

Papaya does not last more than six hours
If you store chopped papaya in the fridge, you should use it in six hours. The papaya begins to contaminate up to 8 hours after being stabbed. If you eat it after 12 hours, it will be as harmful as it was at the time of cutting. It acts as a slow poison to your body.

Apples and other fruits
After cutting an apple kept for a long time, oxidation begins to walk in it. For this reason, it turns out that the upper layer of black color. However, there is no significant harm involved. But eating an apple cut in 4 hours and then it is good. By the way, if you have any fruits kattarisiddare, 6 to 8 hours after it is eaten.

How to keep food fresh in the fridge for a long time
Often people put cooked food on the same shelves in the fridge with raw vegetables. By doing this, the bacteria start to grow in the fridge and the food is quickly spoiled. By placing raw and cooked food on the shelves side by side, the raw food bacteria does not contaminate the cooked food. It is best if you keep cooked food in steel tiffin.

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