Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th October 2020 Written Update: Agastya encourages Choti Guddan to believe in herself.

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The serial calls to someone with Goodman, and from the opposite side, Agastya is busy on his phone, both eyeballs, without seeing each other in conflicts (romantic music plays in the background). Agastya and Gooden break out of the trance and begin to insult each other.

Choti Guddan asks Agastya to care more about Rashi, what do you say Agastya is angry with the word Guddan? Am I not looking after the pile as a father? Instead of arguing with me, focusing on the pile, I thought the decision was yours, says Gooden. Choti Gooden says it’s just a waste to talk to you, then who said to talk to me and I know how to take care of my pile, you go and do your job here Chasmish.

Choti Gooden shows Pushpa pictures of Nia (Nia and Rashi). At least she is listening to you but be careful with the pile Pushpa says she is a very naughty girl. Nia you don’t worry Aunty I’ll take good care of her. Pushpa praised the pile and blessed her. Something about Chloe Gooden Nia feels wrong.

Goody of Pushpa Stop passing by Choti Gooden and inquiring how the work is going. Gooden says everything is good. Pushpa says this is good but if you make any mistake it will take no time to ruin your restaurant and now everything is in your hands. Pushpa handed over the list to Gooden according to the guidelines of Saru Ma, which is to be used in worship before the engagement and warned me that I want everything perfect.

Choti Gudden prepares prasadam for Durga Ma and prays to God and hopes to complete the rest of the work, Durga Jindal comes in and says do not take the tension as gifts, chocolates and sweets are all ready. Durga Gooden asks where your favorite rashi is when it comes to Kanya puja. Gooden says she may be coming and please don’t be angry at me DJ (Durga Jindal) I invited all Birla to an evening worship. Gooden says you invited him in so you know how Durga is still, don’t worry everything will be fine.

As Jindal prepares to go to Rishi Pooja at Birla’s house and Agastya is opposed to it, Arushi understands Agastya and convinces him. Nia listens to talks there and thinks to teach Rashi a lesson. Choti Gooden and Durga Jindal perform Kanya puja and distribute gifts to children. Someone wants to come to Jindal’s house in Mask and harm Birla.

Birla Jindal arrives home by saying Saru Ma, Choti Gooden greets him by performing Arati. Chotti Gudden and Agastya argue with one another while Tika tries to Agastya, and Agastya falls into the eye of Agastya, Gooden takes Agastya to the restroom to open the swatch room and the two continue on.

Introduce herself to the Queen (from Apna Time Ayega) and all. Gooden She is my friend and I have only invited her to worship and I encourage both of them to be full of each other where parents want and go from there by saying Queen Gooden Now you start your dandiya program and I will go. The Dandia event begins and everyone performs graciously, but Agastya and Gooden come close to each other while performing the dance. Nia sees it smoke from there. Rashi asks Goodman to take her washroom, Mask Man notices it and kidnaps the pile in the absence of Choti Gooden.

Choti Guddan goes down and tells everyone that the heap is missing, and in anger, Agastya scolds Gudda for his mistakes. Goodman this is my fault and I will fix it myself and go in search of the pile and go behind Choti Gooden in search of the pile of fire. Choti looks at the Goodman Daga and thinks that Rashi is only here and they also get the Rashi Chappal as a witness and find the pile. Mask Man tries to escape with the pile, Choti Gooden and Agastya arrive and rescue the pile from Mask Man.

Agastya hits him and asks why are you trying to damage my pile. Mask Man says Revenge! What does Agastya do and to whom is revenge? Mask Man says you stole my girlfriend from me? Agastya asks who your girlfriend is, he tells about Nia and Agastya scolds Nia for everything but Nia puts all the blame on Mask Man. Pushpa says he supports Nia and sends Agastiya Mask Man to jail.

Nia asks if I can ask Pushpa for my mistake, Pushpa is sure to tell you why my dear. Everyone goes from there and comes close to the Nia pile. I haven’t done anything today. But if you don’t listen to me, I mean more. And today, because of you, Agastya scolded me in front of you. Hold your hand now and silently.

Agastya comes to Choti Gooden and praises all that she has done today for protecting the pile and she can do everything and advise her to believe in herself that she is no less than everyone else.