Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th October 2020 Full Written Update: Agastya thinks whether he is doing right by marrying Niya.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th October 2020 Full Written Update: Agastya thinks whether he is doing right by marrying Niya.

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The serial begins with Choti Gooden arranging everything for engagement. Mani comes to Gooden and tries to please her and offers to Choti Gooden but she politely refuses help. Pushpa comes there and asks if Choti Gooden is all ready or not. Gooden says everything is over. See Pushpa Gooddon has done everything perfectly and is impressed by Gooddon but don’t tell her.

Pusfa says that Nia and her family will be here anytime but I can’t see Agastiya and piles anywhere, where are they? Pushpa says I will not leave her or anyone who is trying to create problems in this auspicious time if the pile causes Agastya to disappear. Where are they both? And from there Pushpa goes in search of Rasi and Agastya.

Choti Gooden feels that something has gone wrong with Rashi since she entered Nia Birla’s house. I must protect the pile before Pushpa Ji can reach her. At Jindal Bhavan, Durga Jindal gets tense by thinking how Choti Gooden can do all the work. Arrav appeals to Durga by saying that Choti Gooden can handle the single-handedly. Arushi comes to Agastya and asks my brother what you think. Agastya talks about marrying Nia! Arushi asks if you don’t like Nia.

Agastya says she is good but not me. Arushi then asks why you agreed to the marriage and says that since Agastiya Rashi needs a mother, happiness for me is my first priority. Arushi says Agastya sometimes we have to think about our happiness brother. Pushpa comes there and asks Agastya: Are you not ready yet? Nia’s family can be here at any time. Agastya Amma says I’m ready for five minutes.

Gooden searches for piles everywhere in the house but the pile is nowhere to be found. Gooden enters the restroom to search the pile and check to see if the pile is in the restroom, rather than the pile, Gooden clashes with Agastya in a shirtless. What are you doing here, scolding Agastya Gooddon?

I come here in search of the pile and start to go from there, but Gooden says that in the process of catching Agastya, both slip and fall down (romantic music plays in the background). Agastya says you look beautiful in open hair. Gooden says your engagement is happening today and you’re flirting with me? Agastya says I am not flirting with you. Gooden says you do your job and I’ll do my job and get out of here by returning my dad’s restaurant. Agastya says good.

Nia and her family come to Birla’s house. Nia says to get into the house by keeping the right foot inside. After a while Durga Jindal and Arushi arrive. Ask Pushpa Durga Why did you come here? Durga says that I am here to give lunch to Gooden. Pushpa says if you are thinking of helping the goodman in the name of the lunch box you can go here by giving me the lunch box. Saru Ma says they should not come in.

Gooden comes to the store room looking for the pile and asks the pile to see the piles of mourning. I always ask Dad to marry him and he says he is getting engaged today but I am not happy with it. Rashi asks if your mother is not with you, then how can this be happy. GOODNE My parents are always in my heart and tell you to close your eyes to Rashi and remember your mother, you will feel that she is only near you.

She closed her eyes and remembered how Goodman had saved her in the temple. Rashi thinks I got my questions about who my mother is but now I have to convince Gooden on my own to be my mother so no one can separate me from Gooden and hug Choti Gooden.