health tips: want to get rid of indigestion and sour burp or khatti dakar try these 5 home remedies to get instant relief

Home Remedies: Due to increasing stress and poor lifestyle, today people are facing many health problems. Overeating, spicy food, not eating on time or taking more tension often causes people to complain of indigestion. Apart from this, people also get indigestion due to not digesting food properly. Because of this, the person starts to feel sour due to which the whole day gets spoiled. If you too often complain of indigestion, then these home remedies will provide relief soon.

These 5 home remedies will provide relief from indigestion

Asafoetida is a very effective remedy for relieving indigestion. Whether it is gas or the problem of sour belching, consuming it quickly helps. For this, dissolving asafetida in water and drinking it removes the heaviness of the stomach and the problem of sour belching.

If you have problems with sour belts, you can use fenugreek. For this, soaking fenugreek in water overnight and drinking it in the morning on an empty stomach relieves the problem of sour belching.

Cumin is less than a boon for stomach problems. Frying cumin seeds on sour belching, gas or indigestion provides relief.

Consumption of cardamom in the problem of sour belching relieves problems like gas and sour belching.

Digestive system remains good by using cloves. In case of sour belching, taking clove water or clove is beneficial.

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