If you do Shakti Puja for nine days according to the zodiac, then all your work will be completed.

In this Navratri, please dress your zodiac lord by wearing clothes according to the zodiac color. Then your luck will change according to the zodiac.


To worship Shakti on this Navratri festival, wear red and yellow clothes according to your zodiac and planet, which will give you the full benefit of the grace of the planet and power of the zodiac.


In these nine days of Taurus zodiac, please Venus and Mahagori mother of your zodiac to get wealth and all kind of happiness. For this, one should wear white and pink colored clothes. Which will complete your planned work.


People of this zodiac sign wear green color for Goddess Chandraghanta and Rashi Swami Mercury on Navratri festival. This will not interrupt your work.


People with this zodiac sign should wear white or light colored clothes on the Navratri festival, which will please the moon lord.


Make the Goddess Kushmanda happy to remove the defects related to the Sun to the Leo zodiac. For this, they should wear yellow clothes.


You should wear green, white or light green clothes according to Rashi Swami Mercury, which will make your Rashi goddess Bhuvaneshwari Devi happy.


According to your zodiac lord Venus, you should wear white and light colored clothes to make people of Libra.

Scorpio: People of Scorpio should wear red and Kesariya clothes during this Navratri festival, which will please Lord God of this zodiac. And Shailputri Devi will be happy.


Sagittarius people should wear yellow clothes according to the Rashi Swami Guru. Every work will be completed.


People of this zodiac should wear blue clothes, which will please Kalika Mata.


To make Rashi Swami Shani Dev happy, wearing black or dark blue clothes on this Navratri festival will make Kalratri Devi and Shani Dev happy.


Mahalakshmi will be happy on this zodiac sign in Navratri. If you wear saffron, yellow or light colored clothes. People of this zodiac will also be happy on the Rashi Swami Guru Devta.

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