Imlie 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update

Imlie 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update on

Imlie goes to Adi while he is busy at work. He does not respond and continues to work. She tells him not to bother him, but to invite him to fly the kite at the urging of Amma / Mithi. He says he has come to visit a peace conference between Satyam and the government and nothing else.

She angrily walked out of the room. Her friends ask if Jijaji didn’t come. He says that Babu Saheb / Adi’s hands only hold the pen, so he is afraid to compete with his strong hands. In Delhi, the family waits for Malini in the ground to celebrate the festival. Pankaj asks Aparna if the new Bhau is thrown out with a lot of work. Aparna asks if he thinks so. Malini enters with the kites for the children and the whole family, all of whom are delighted to see colorful kites. Back in Pagdandia, Imlee flies the kite, signing a folk song with her friends.

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Mithi sees Adi wandering around and hopes he will never go with her. Satyakam sees Adi and walks towards him. Adi asks when the meeting with the government is scheduled. The government works at its own pace, so instead of sitting here, he should see how a mud can reach the sky with kites today, time to look at the sky from the ground. Adi agrees. Malini sees Tauji / Taiji and Pankaj / Aparna flying kites and misses Adi.

She ines walks up to him and tells her that she shouldn’t waste her time on all this. Aparna walks up to her and asks if Adi is missing. Back in Pagdandia, Satyam takes Adi to compete against Imlie. Mithi says let them fly the kite together. The villagers encourage Adi and Imlie to compete. Imlee is abusive with a soft hand and cannot compete against her.

Adi accepts the challenge of letting him see how his soft pen with his hand cuts many kites. Their competition stats. Everybody encourages them. Adi pulls the thread and cuts off both of their kites and flies off. The Imleema’s finger is injured. Satyakam tells Mithi that their kites are flying too high together despite being disconnected.

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Malini walked into the kitchen to get some stuff and Rupal cried watching her wedding album. She walks up to Rupal and says the two are alone, so they should fly kites together. Rupal warns her that Malini should not dare to say that she does not want to be alone like him. Malini has the whole family with her, so she shouldn’t be disappointed. Rupal says that he has Baahu, Devrani, Jetani, Chachi, Mami and many more after getting married but cannot be a wife. Malini consoled her.

Imlie is standing there holding her injured finger. Adi goes to her and says that she knows that people say their pair is fine, but whenever he tries to get out, she traps him in her lie. Imlie thinks that what is wrong is when people think they are a happy couple. He looks at her injured finger and asks her to apply an antiseptic to relieve the infection.

She applies dirt on her wound and tells him that he can take care of her while he is here and after he is gone. The next day, Adi gets ready for work and finally all the festivities and celebrations are complete, now he can go back to his work. Satyakam enters with his team and tells them to arrange.

Adi says a peace meeting with his government, then why he is hiding weapons. Satyakam says that anything can happen and the government cannot be trusted. Mithi brings Babaji and she brings him to perform the last claim and requests Adi to handle it with Imlie. The villagers say that Mithi Babaji was brought in by foot, so Adi must agree. Mithi asks Satyakam to stay until the ritual is complete, and he agrees.

Babaji says this is an important ritual and puts his words on his wife and imagines her with closed eyes and takes her name. Adi imagines Malini, puts her hand on Imlie and repeats the words and finally says Chandra / Malini. Satyakam’s men point a gun at him, and Satyakam asks why he told the moon instead of his wife’s name. Dulari asks who this moon is. Adi and Imlie are tense.


Rupal asks if the family feels the burden on her. Malini says Tauji and Taiji went to visit her husband’s family to make a compromise between her and her husband. Rupal says her husband cheated on her for another woman, so how can she accept a man she loved and betrayed him.

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