Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat And Sayi’s Fight

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update on

Pakhi sees Bhavi in ​​the living room at night and asks her what she is still doing at this time. Bhavani tells her how she can sleep when Virat is not yet back home, feeding him as his wife is now asleep. Pakhi says everyone can see what’s happening to her. Bhavani says that everyone except Virat can see Sai’s abuse, he is blindly supporting his wife. Pakhi says that soon Virat will realize his mistake and stand with him.

Bhawani says for a few minutes, she felt good when Virat scolded Sai for family members, but again he was supporting his wife, now only Pakhi can teach Sai and track Virat again. Pakhi says he will try his best, so Bhavani should rest peacefully without any anxiety. Bhavani says she is fortunate to have Buhu like her, there has been a lot of drama today. Karishma says yes, then says that Sai created a lot of drama. Saloni takes Bhavi to her room and asks Karisma to milk the Omkar and Mohit.

Karishma sees Pakhi standing still and asks if she is waiting for someone. She reads the book and asks if she wants to read the book too. Karishma doesn’t read books at her school, she says why now, she goes and sleeps. Pakhi waits for Virat and approaches 12 midnight. Virat enters and asks if she has not slept yet. Pakhi says she waits for him and gives him water.

Karishma runs to get water and stops to look at them. Virat tells Pakhi to go and sleep. Pakhi says that even though she was a woman, she did not understand Shivani’s feelings and felt that Amai was being punished for her sins. Virat says Amat is punished, she should go and sleep now. Karisma now feels that her Chapter 2 has begun.

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Virat walks into his room and tells Sai that he has been accused of forgery and betrayal and has been in jail for a long time. Sai thinks he was crying for her in the morning, now he feels her silence. He respected his police uniform, otherwise he was teaching Amai a life lesson. She does not respond and continues the study. He tells her that she is not talking now, that she is eager to punish Amy in the morning and is not responding now.

She reveals Amy and her duty as a police officer is to catch and punish him, and she has what it takes to speak up. She never speaks right, he tells her why she always feels right and the opponent is wrong. She asks when did she always say she’s right. He says her behavior speaks for itself. She gets angry. They say they think 10 times before they speak. She tells him not to, but why he thinks 10 times. He gets more angry and drops the vase by mistake. Bhavani hears the noise and asks what happened. Nirad Virat says something in the room. Virat asks if he likes arguing.

She says that she was studying after returning from college because she was told to learn to maintain a balance between home and study, so she finished work and was studying for the exam, but he was stopping her. He asks why he stops, she can’t realize what her image is in the eyes of the family. She tells him that he was feeding the family and that he smelled ai in the morning. She says that when the family was right Ai would support her as usual.

He tells her that her argument goes on and she always creates drama and troubles the family. She says she has not created any drama and has revealed the truth of Amy. She says she could have explained it to the family properly. He cries about his family being bad with her, his family opposed going to college, he supported her and he didn’t think he was arguing with the family, then why he thinks now. His argument continues.

With the family, Bhavani starts her drama to survive and shouts that there was drama in the day and it has just started. Ninad shouted to Ashwini that her side was arguing with people in the morning and now with her husband. Ashwini says he is talking about romance, he always fights with her. Saloni asks Bhawani to stop Virat and Sai’s quarrel so that they can all sleep peacefully.

Pakhi says he will go and check. Ashwini stops her and asks her not to interfere with her husband. Pakhi says that Virat is home late and has not made dinner yet, so she makes dinner for him. Ashwini stops her, first letting her husband and wife make adjustments, saying she should not interfere there. Bhavani shouted her next.

Sai and Virat’s arguments continue. Sai cries that he has been beating her since morning. He tells her that she cannot talk to others peacefully, which is why his family is irritable; He is suffering from her; He comes home tired and wants to talk to her peacefully, but she always argues and ruins his mood. She cries as she always makes mistakes. She extends the problem as a rubber band and always hurts him, he is the man.

Pakhi shouted that he was just like Kamal when he supported Amaya to punish him. He says he cannot become Kamal sir. She shouts that he cannot be equal to Aba’s nail. They say they don’t want to and there is a world apart from Kamal sir and they should think of others too. She kept shouting.


As Sai prepares for college and asks Ashwini to serve her breakfast as it is late. Bhavani orders her to finish her homework and go to college first. Sai says he is already tense about the test and picks the food plate. Bhavani snatches it and the plate falls down.

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