Imlie 18 November 2020 Written Episode Update

Imlie 18 November 2020 Written Episode Update

Imlie jumps in happiness after receiving a scholarship / wajifa. She fills the food in her tiffin box and tells the teacher that she wants to celebrate her success with her mother and take the food for her. Teacher’s permission. Imlie prays that she should get the happiness of the whole world and get a husband like Vinod Khanna. She still carries some food for Nakli Nani / Gandhama.

When she sees a man announcing a play on a mobile cart and snatching Mike from him, she runs to the house and announces that her village girl is proud of them for winning a scholarship. Aditya rides the suit and gets a call, riding his bike in a cart trying to check his mobile. Imlie and he falls down. He gets up and helps Imli get up. Imlie shouts at him for dropping her off and ruining her food. They say it’s just food and it’s wrong. She gives him a long lecture and asks the villagers to force her to apologize. The villagers angrily walk towards Aditya.

Aditya asks not to expand on simple stuff. Malini calls him repeatedly and says he’ll call after he reaches Pagdandia to see if he doesn’t take the call, but isn’t even taking her call now. The mother notices her and Aditya has no time for her, so she has to forget him and look for a man who respects her feelings and takes care of her. Father intervenes. The mother says she does not want her daughter to fall in love and be ignored like her. Father walked away saying he had some work. Malini tells her mother that Aditya loves her and should be busy at work.

Going back to the village, Imli continues to excite the villagers. Villagers say he will not leave Aditya for disrespecting Imli. One of them picks up the camera and asks what it is. Aditya tells her camera and clicks her pictures. They rejoice and ignore Imli. He also clicks pictures of Imli. One of them reveals that there is a problem near the water well. They all rushed to the water well. Aditya follows him. The landlord prevents the village from bringing water from the well.

The villager pleads and tells him that he is coming to teach him a lesson. Satyakam enters and tries to fetch water by telling him not to leave injustice here. The landlord sends his goons. Satyakam warns him that he will never miss his target and save him today by throwing a trash can and a knife at the landlord. The landlord tries to scare him in vain and walks away. Satyakam brings water and breaks the old injustice. Everybody claps for him. Aditya clicks her pictures.

At Aditya’s house, Aditya’s mother tells the youth not to do any mischief when the mother-in-law arrives, she pours her love and makes them aware that their daughter is going in a loving family. Rupali jokes that she has been eagerly waiting for Aditya’s wedding and bought many saris .. She walks into the treasure and begins to scold and quarrel with him. Rupali gives her the appropriate answer, but the treasure continues. The mother scolds the fund for ruining the family mentality and the father comforts her.

Imlie returns home and shows her scholarship certificate to her mother. She knew she would win, so she made sweets. Nani Laddoo enters and throws Thali away, snatches the certificate and pushes Imli away. Imlie falls half a kilometer away and runs to Grandma for 5 minutes. Grandma tears certificate before she reaches out.

PreCap: Imlie says the Odia 20 RS is not. Its 50 RS, they ask if the villagers are robbing the people of the city. She returns his money and says the villagers are not thieves.