Jay Asks Shukla Everything going According to Their Plan

Balaji Production, Nagin 5’s magical show has many significant and gripping twists, with Sharad Malhotra, Surbhi Chandna and Mohit Sehgal appearing in the main roles of the villain in color TV featuring some of the most famous faces of the television industry. , Nagin and Nag respectively. While the lead-positive duo’s chemistry may not appeal to audiences who are constantly insisting on a romantic angle between Shard and Surby, there is little change in the storyline in terms of the demand for the show to rise on the TRP charts.

Naagin 5 Today's Episode

Recently, Sharad, who plays a negative role in the supernatural show, tested positive for the ongoing spread virus, which caused the makers to delay the shooting of the actor’s scenes for a while, and now, a week later, Sharad’s fans are waiting for the actor’s comeback after his recovery. Some new faces entered the show last week to enhance entertainment content in the storyline.

Talking about the story being shown on the show revolves around Jay and Bani. In an earlier episode, he conspired with Jay Meera to kill Weir and remove him from Bani’s life altogether. To achieve this, he persuades Meera to tactfully call Veer out, and it succeeds, and Veer is unaware of Jay’s planned moves outside. Meanwhile, Jay locks both Meera and Bani in the house so that neither he nor his plans are affected.

However, Weir learns of his plans and the latter is offended by the fact that he used Bani for his project. The upcoming episode will reveal more about Aakesh Cheal’s plans for his life. Although he pretends to be Aakesh’s face in front of Bani, someone from the past lives of Hina Khan portraying Inakhari Nagin portrays him as his enemy.

In today’s episode of Nagin 5, viewers are waiting for a gripping twist, as they finally learn about the motive of the chil because they can’t get into someone’s life without having a vision plan. Sharad is about to re-enter the show, so fans can witness some sizzling scenes between Veer and Bani. Stay tuned to Colors TV at 8pm to be part of this adventurous and unreal story.