Jothe Jotheyali Written Update 19 October 2020: Meera And Jhende Talk About Arya And Anu’s Relationship

In an earlier episode of Jothe Jothiali, Anu calls her friend and asks her about the process of getting a graduation certificate. She says Subbu and Pushpa have been asking for a certificate for a long time. As she was talking, Arya called her and asked why she didn’t call when she reached. He tells her that if she can tell him after he leaves, she should tell him when she’s even reached. She spoke to him when Subbu came out and looked at her.

In this episode, Arya tells Anu that life is like chess because he compares himself to her and the king of the game, respectively. He tells her that he will never forgive her if something happens to her. Anu tells him that he does not need to worry that he will always protect her and she will always be there for him too. He tells her that he is the one who brought light into his life and she is his whole heart. If she is not, his life would be incomplete. Anu is overheard hearing this and says how grateful she is that he loves her so much. She tells him that she will always be by his side and she will tell him all the things she loves about him.

Anu and Arya
Meera, on the other hand, sits in the dark and cries about Arya when he walks in to ask why she is crying. Mira tells him that Erande is also supportive of Anu and that there is no point in discussing the same, and that what they do will not change the fact that they will be together throughout their lives. Hende tells her that there is a way for him to stop being together and that she should be very patient in this regard.

The next day, Raghupati questions Anu and Subbu and asks why Anu is late for work. He questions her character and asks who she is spending time with in the office. Subbu stops him and tells him that what he is saying is not appropriate and that he should not worry about Anu and her whereabouts.