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Bangalore: With the rise in coronavirus detection tests in the state, the number of infected people is on the rise, with more than 10,000 cases being reported in the state for the second time. With this, Karnataka ranks 2nd in the list of most infected people across the state.

In the same day, 10,070 people were infected in the same state and 96,588 samples were tested in the same day. More than 130 people have been reported to have died of coronary disease.

The total number of infections detected on September 29 was 10,453. To date, 4,92,412 people have been cured in the state due to coronavirus infection. The total number of Cotona tests reached 49,97,671. The total number of infected persons in the state has reached 6.11 lakh. There are more than 1.10 lakh active cases in the state, of which 811 are being treated in the intensive care unit.

Coronavirus is still raging in the state capital, with 4,853 new cases being detected yesterday. The number of infected people so far has risen to 2,37,516.

In the state, people over the age of 60 died from infection by 6.3 per cent, while those aged 51-60 died by 2.8 per cent. The number of healers in the state is on the rise, with the number of active cases declining. The Department of Health released the Active Report on Thursday, reporting a 12.54% decline on September 27, 12.34% on September 28, 12.33% on September 29 and 12.27% on September 30. The death toll has also come down to 1.46 per cent in the state till Thursday.


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