Kitchen hacks: Salt is strong in vegetables, follow these tips to improve the taste

Easy ways to fix excess salt in toppings: Many times, when cooking food in haste, the salt in the food becomes too much. Women’s difficulty increases when a guest comes home and there is too much salt in vegetables or pulses. If you too have had this problem, then let go of the tension and embrace these wonderful kitchen habits. Yes, by trying these simple tips, you can easily fix the vegetable taste.

If there is too much salt in your diet, balance it this way-

Roasted bason
If there is too much salt in the vegetable, you can add a little fried gram flour to it. Doing this will reduce the name of the vegetable. You can use this advice on gravy and dry vegetables.

Flour tablets-
You can also adopt another method to reduce salt in vegetables. For this, you make dough balls and put them in vegetables. Doing this reduces the salt in your diet.

Baked potato-
If there is too much salt in a vegetable or lentils, you can also add baked potatoes to correct the spoiled taste. Doing this not only reduces the amount of salt in the food, but also thickens the gravy of vegetables or lentils.

Lemon juice
You can add lemon juice to balance the extra salt in the vegetables. By doing this, the taste of the vegetables is not spoiled and the salt is also reduced.

If there is too much salt in the vegetable or pulse, then put 1-2 pieces of bread in the vegetable and leave for 10 minutes. Doing this reduces vegetable or lentil salt.

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