Kitchen Tips: How To Thicken Gravy Without Using Onions, try these 15 amazing tips

Garlic-onions are needed to thicken vegetable meat, but do not eat onion-garlic during fasting or at night. At the same time, many households make vegetables without onions. Without the onion, the gravy of vegetables would not be thick enough that the food would not taste good. In such a situation, today we are telling you how to make gravy thick without using onions.

Thick mosses can be used to thicken vegetable gravy.
Peanut paste can be combined with tomato gravy as a gravy.
If not peanut, the vegetable can be thickened and flavored with almond paste.
Cashews are used to thicken vegetable meat in restaurants. But it is not considered very healthy.
You can add flour or maida with tomato gravy to thicken the vegetable curry. But roast it a little before adding it.
Once the flour or ground is fried in oil, add tomato gravy to thicken it. Then put this gravy into a vegetable.
If you add onions, tomatoes and properly used spices to vegetables, then the taste of the food will be enhanced.
Instead of onions and garlic, puree made with zucchini and gilli and cabbage makes the vegetable thicker and more enjoyable.
Like cabbage or zucchini, vegetable flavor can also be enhanced with gravy made from boiling pumpkin or green petha.
To make the vegetable thicker and tastier, mix two tablespoons of roasted gram flour with water and add to the vegetables.
Gravy thickens by adding finely ground dried breadcrumbs to vegetables.
Gravy is thickened by adding grilled potatoes to vegetables.
Tomato puree can also be used to thicken gravy. If desired with puree, you can finely grate the carrots or radish.
Good gravy can also be prepared with ginger and turnip paste.
If onion paste or powder is not available, its flakes or juices can be used to make vegetables. You can easily get these from the market.

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