Kumkum Bhagya 20 October 2020 Written Update – Riya tried to commit suicide!

Kumkum Bhagya 20 October 2020 Written Update:

In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we saw how Riya confuses her mother Pragya on hearing Alia’s words. Abhi asks Alia why did you provoke Riya against Pragya, then Vikram calls Abhi and calls her near. Riya calls her mother Pragya a selfish woman. Pragya ran after Riya to find out the truth and she fell. Ranbir Prachi placed Prachi’s hand on his heart and Riya saw them both.

Kumkum Bhagya 20 October 2020 Full Episode:

In the show Kumkum Bhagya, at the beginning of this episode, when Vikram, Pallavi and his BG sit together and talk about drinking. Then Mr. Mahera comes there. Then seeing Mr. Mehra sad, Vikram asks Abhi the reason for sadness. Abhi then asks Vikram to marry Riya and Ranbir. Abhi considers this to be Vikram, Pallavi and her BG and is very happy, so happy that they start dancing.

Then Abhi goes to tell Riya about the wedding and Vikram calls Ranbir to tell the same thing. Then Ranbir becomes very happy to hear about the wedding on the phone. He thought that my father would be talking about my marriage to Prachi. Then Vikram tells Ranbir to come to him. Vikram and his family cut the phone and start dancing very happily.

Here Abhi calls Riya to tell her about the wedding but Riya does not pick up Abhi’s phone because Riya remembers things that happened to Ranbir so she cannot pick up her dead phone. Then after some time Riya’s attention goes to her phone. Then she retrieves her dead phone. Abhi then tells Riya that I have talked to Vikram about Teri and Ranbir’s marriage and they have agreed to the wedding.

But due to network, Riya is unable to listen to her dead and Riya repeatedly tells her dead that I love you very much. Abhi listens to Riya and Abhi said that I love you too. After this much talk, the phone is cut off from the network. Abhi thought that after listening to the wedding, he must have been happy and disconnected the phone.

Here Riya gets very upset after remembering Ranbir’s words and after thinking this, she decides to make herself happy. Riya then tightens on the edge of the trench with the intention of jumping into a ditch. Then a woman gets out of an auto and sees Riya. Seeing this, there is a crowd of more people there. The woman tries to stop Riya from jumping. But Riya threatens that if you come to me, I will jump.

That’s when one of those people calls the police. Then that woman hides Riya by hand. But Riya tries hard to get her hands off. Then people said leave it and let it jump. It will not jump from here and hit, but its arms and legs will break and it will become disabled for life. Then people also said that we have just called the police, they must be coming. On hearing the name of the police, Riya sits in her car.

Here Prachi’s mobile phone calls her friend Rani. Then Prachi and Rani do many things among themselves. Then Sarita aunt gives voice to Prachi. Then Prachi cuts the phone and goes to Sarita aunty.

Here Pragya comes back to her house crying and Pragya thinks how Riya knows that I had left a daughter in childhood. Then Pragya remembers that I had told her one day. Then Pragya thought that Riya is very angry with her mother and she took her mother’s anger away from me. Pragya thinks that I have not considered Riya as my daughter, I have considered her my daughter. So I will convince Riya and I will never let her fall short of her mother.

Thinking this, Pragya walks again to meet Riya but Sarita sees Pragya and stops her. Then Ranbir also comes there and tells Pragya that Prachi and my family have agreed for my marriage. Then Ranbir also says that my family will bring the wedding hall in the evening. Pragya and her family are very happy to hear this. Ranbir goes to his house and Pragya calls Rhea to tell about Prachi and Ranbir’s wedding. But Riya does not pick up the phone after seeing Pragya’s phone.