Kundali Bhagya 19th October 2020 Written Update Preeta’s announcement

Kundali Bhagya 19 October 2020 Written Update Preeta’s publication has upset Sherlyn by saying that Prieta is more attractive with Prithvi’s time. She angrily wants to kill him. He thinks he made a mistake. He calls her back to apologize. He then wants to convince her. They think they told the truth, Preeta looked really bright and attractive. He wants to change his destiny by marrying Preetha. Sameer and Vishti lead Mahira out of the way and lead her to the guest room, where she meets Preetha.

Sherlyn doesn’t want Prithvi to forgive her. Preeta asks Mahira if she is shocked to see her. Mahira asks how dare she go back. Preeta scolds her for daring Karan and her. She reprimands Mahira for knowing her true face. Mahira asks Preitya to go and tell everyone the truth. She doesn’t think anyone can trust love. She tells everyone that she ran away. Sameer tells him that he has heard her confession, he helps Preeta.

Preeta further condemns Mahira for cheating the family. She doesn’t want Mahira to waste time. Shruti makes Mahira fall down. Preeta falls into Karana’s arms. Karan is glad to see her back. Preeta’s trust in him is proven. She tells him that she’s back. He questions her about her disappearance. She goes away. She wants him to be happy when he sees her. Mahira is worried. Prema takes the mic to get everyone’s attention. The family is surprised to see her. She makes a proclamation.

Mahira does not want everyone to know Karan as his wife. She goes to stop Preeta and slips down and falls down on her legs. She’s just kidding. Preitya tells Mahira to take some rest. Seeing the great Mahira laughs. Preeta teaches Mahira a good lesson. He addresses the media. She says that not everyone is happy with the marriage of celebrities. She says that few people have been jealous of their marriage ever since she married Karan Luthra.

She doesn’t want her emotions to change. She wants to show the world her truth, values ​​and upbringing. She tells the newspapers that Mahira was embarrassed for a drunk party. She says Mahira is not Karan’s wife, she is a fan of his obsession. She declares herself Karan’s wife. Mahira defends herself. She behaves crazy in front of guests.

Moreover, Prithvi and Pawan enter the house. Her mother is excited to welcome Prithvi with Prithvi. Pawan says Preeta did not come. Prithvi tells her that he failed again. Pruwan tells her that she will get one, Shruti. I like him very much. Moreover, Preeta takes advantage of the fact that Inspector Pooja is in the party. Sherlyn had called for worship to get help, but her plan backfired.

Preeta Karan praised Luthra. She tells the press that every girl is mad at Karan and Mahira is no different. She asks Mahira not to worry as Karan is always there for her fan. She handles the situation maturely. She warns Mahira against stealing her rights to stay close to Karan. She apologizes to the guests. She ends the confusion. She’s ready to clarify the guests’ doubts. She does not want anyone to blame the Luthra family. Karan and Rishabh are very proud of Preity