Live Kerala Lottery Today Result 6 May 2021: Karunya Plus KN 367

Live Kerala Lottery Today Result 6 May 2021 Released: The government of Kerala announces lottery results. The Kerala Lottery Karunya Plus KN 367 results of 6 May 2021 will be out today at 3 pm. Kerala is among the 13 states that organize legal lotteries. The Kerala Lottery is a weekly lottery in Kerala which is updated every Sunday. The results will be announced soon.

Kerala Lottery Today Result Live 6 May 2021

Participants can check their results on the official website – winner of Kerala State Lottery. Kerala set up the first lottery division in India in 1967. The department issued its first lottery ticket on November 1 of the same year. The first prize on a Rs 1 ticket is Rs 50,000. The first draw was on January 26, 1968.

Kerala Lottery Result Live Today 6.5.2021

Lottery NameKerala Lottery
Draw CodeKarunya Plus
Draw NameKN 367
First PrizeRs. 80,00,000
Result date06.05.2021
Result StatusNot Published
Result Time3 to 4 PM
Kerala Lottery Result Live Today 06.05.2021

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The prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazette and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days

The department has now brought out seven weekly lotteries – Pratiksha, Dhanashree, Win-Win, Akshaya, Bhagyanidhi, Karunya and Purnami lotteries and six bumper lotteries from time to time. According to the Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries Directorate of Government of Kerala, there are three taluk lottery teams – one each in Punalur in Kollam district, Kattappana in Idukki district and one in Thamarassery in Ko Kozhikode district. The state government conducts special draws on big draws such as Onam, Christmas, Visu, and Dussehra.

LIVE Kerala Lottery Result: Karunya Plus KN 367 Lotteries 06.05.21

Find Kerala Lottery Results today at, daily 03.55 PM. Kerala lottery results published by lottery department of govt. Kerala Lottery through official Lottery Medium Kerala Lotteries. This website is for promotional purposes only. You can check the result through the Kerala Lottery Result websites. Lottery Today’s result is Karunya Plus KN 367 Lottery 06-05-2021 and the old Kerala Lottery result of yesterday is also available here

Official Kerala Lottery Result Today 6 May 2021

Kerala set up India’s first lottery in 1967. And it released its first lottery ticket on November 1 of the same year. The first prize on a Rs 1 ticket is Rs 50,000. The first draw was on January 26, 1968.

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Previous Kerala Lottery Results 2021

Lottery/Draw NoDraw DateView
Karunya KR 49603/05/2021View
Bhagyamithra BM 602/05/2021View
Karunya KR 49701/05/2021View
Nirmal NR 22230/04/2021View
Karunya Plus KN 36629/04/2021View
Akshaya AK 49528/04/2021View
Sthree Sakthi SS 25827/04/2021View
Win-Win W 61326/04/2021View
Karunya KR 49624/04/2021View
Nirmal NR 22123/04/2021View
Karunya Plus KN 36522/04/2021View
Akshaya AK 49421/04/2021View
Sthree Sakthi SS 25720/04/2021View
Win-Win W 61219/04/2021View
Karunya KR 49517/04/2021View
Nirmal 22016/04/2021View
Karunya Plus KN36415/04/2021View
Akshaya AK 49314/04/2021View
Sthree Sakthi SS 25613/04/2021View
Win-Win W 61112/04/2021View
Akshaya AK 492 (Re-Published)11/04/2021View
Nirmal KR 49410/04/2021View
Nirmal NR 21909/04/2021View
Akshaya AK 49207/02/2021View
Sthree Sakthi SS 25506/04/2021View
Win-Win W 61005/04/2021View
Bhagyamithra BM 504/04/2021View
Nirmal KR 49303/04/2021View
Nirmal (NR 218)02/04/2021View
Nirmal Plus (KN 362)01/04/2021View
Akshaya (AK 491)31/03/2021View
Sthree Sakthi (SS 254)30/03/2021View
Win-Win (W 609)29/03/2021View
Nirmal (KR 492)28/03/2021View
Nirmal (NR 217)26/03/2021View
Nirmal Plus (KN 361)25/03/2021View
Akshaya (AK 490)24/03/2021View
Sthree Sakthi (SS 253)23/03/2021View
Win Win (608)22/03/2021View
Summer Bumper BR-7821/03/2021View
Nirmal (KR 491)20/03/2021View
Nirmal (NR 216)19/03/2021View
Nirmal Plus (KN 360)18/03/2021View
Akshaya (AK 489)17/03/2021View
Sthree Sakthi (SS 252)16/03/2021View
Win-Win (W 607)15/03/2021View
Nirmal (KR 490)13/03/2021View
Nirmal (NR 215)12/03/2021View
Nirmal Plus (KN 359)11/03/2021View
Akshaya (AK 488)10/03/2021View
Sthree Sakthi (SS 251)09/03/2021View
Win-Win (W 606)08/03/2021View
Bhagyamithra (BM 4)07/03/2021View
Nirmal (KR 489)06/03/2021View
Nirmal (NR 214)05/03/2021View
Nirmal Plus (KN 358)04/03/2021View
Akshaya (AK 487)03/03/2021View
Sthree Sakthi (SS 250)02/03/2021View
Win Win (W 605)01/03/2021View
Nirmal (KR 488)27/02/2021View
Nirmal (NR 213)26/02/2021View
Nirmal Plus (KN 357)25/02/2021View
Akshaya (AK 486)24/02/2021View
Sthree Sakthi (SS 249)23/02/2021View
Win-Win (W 604)22/02/2021View
Nirmal (KR 487)20/02/2021View
Nirmal (NR 212)19/02/2021View
Nirmal Plus (KN 356)18/02/2021View
Akshaya (AK 485)17/02/2021View
Shree Shakti (SS 248)16/02/2021View
Win-Win (W 603)15/02/2021View
Bhagyamithra (BM 4)13/02/2021View
Nirmal (NR 211)12/02/2021View
Nirmal Plus (KN-355)11/02/2021View
Akshay (AK-484)10/02/2021View
Sthree Sakthi (SS 247)09/02/2021View
Win Win (W 602)08/02/2021View
Bhagyamitra (BM 3)07/02/2021View
Nirmal (KR-485)06/02/2021View
Nirmal (NR-210)05/02/2021View
Nirmal Plus (KN-354)04/02/2021View
Akshaya (AK-483)03/02/2021View
Xmas New Year Bumper 2020-21 BR-7717/01/2021View
Kerala Lottery Result Today 06.5.2021

Kerala Lottery Prize Claim: How to get money? Step by step guide for you with full list of documents

If you win prize money at Kerala Lottery, you must know how to get it. The prize-winner of the lottery must submit a prize-winning ticket within 30 days of receiving the draw with all required documents as per Rs. 1 lakh can be obtained from the concerned District Lottery Offices.

However, most prize winning tickets must be surrendered to the Director of State Lottery after pasting the signature, name and address of the Prize Winner with the following documents: –

  • The photostat copy of both sides of the ticket, along with the claim application, is self-validated.
  • Two passport size photographs of the gazetted officer / notary duly certified prize-winner.
  • Receipt for prize money in the prescribed form with a stamp of income of Rs.
  • If the prize winner is a minor, a certificate of protection from the competent authority.
  • In the case of joint claims, one of the prize winners shall be authorized to receive the prize money and the joint declaration on stamp paper shall be for Rs. 50 / – shall be executed.
  • Self-Established Copy of PAN Card
  • Proof of Identity (Proof of Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, Election Card

Prize money can also be obtained from Nationalized, Scheduled or State / District Co-operative Banks. You must surrender to the bank with all the above documents if a prize-winning ticket is required. The Bank shall file a claim with the State Lottery Director with the following certificates:

  • Prize Winner Official Letter (Download)
  • Certificate from the receiving bank (download)
  • Certificate from the collecting bank (download)


The prize money is Rs. 10,000, the income tax is deducted at the prevailing rate and credited to the Central Government Account. As of now, a 30% income tax is deducted for all prize winning claims. 10,000 / – will be deducted as income tax, equal to the 10% claim for the agent’s reward rights. Currently no additional fees or educational cess will be deducted as per the Income Tax rules.

Prize winning directors (awards) and directors must forward more than Rs 20 lakhs to pay prize winning tickets in excess of Rs 1 lakh and up to Rs 20 lakh.

Where to check Kerala Lottery Results 06 May 2021?

The Results will be updated on this page after the official announcement. Keep Refreshing this page to get the latest update.

Visit the official website of Kerala Lotteries @
Click on the Results option on the home page of the official website
Then click the lottery result link
Check lottery results in number 6.5.2021

Where to check Kerala Lottery Results 6.5.2021?

Today Kerala Lottery Results can to be check on

When will be Kerala Lottery Results 06-05-2021 Available on official website?

Today lottery results available from 3 PM

When Kerala Results Live Streaming Starting?

Today 2:55 PM

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