Lockdown Ki Love Story 18th October 2020 Written Update: Sonam gets a corner at Jaiswal house to stay

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The cops take samples, telling the family to give Sonam a separate room and not touch her. Sonam asks why everyone is looking at her, does she not know that it is unsafe to have a mask on the corona patient? She asks for a room. Dhruv angrily comes to Sonam but his brother stops him, Dhruv says Sonam is very cunning, she is taking leave from office giving her health tips. Nothing happened to her. Sonam’s mother listens to everything on the phone. Sonam again asks her where to put her luggage.

Milky says I have to give the room or send it out. Sonam tells Dhruv to tell Milky not to talk between them. The pole tells her why she can’t talk, it’s her right, he’s holding Milky and he’s so happy, he’s married to his childhood, Sonam may have come to see his kingdom, he might be sadly hungry like Devadas but nothing like that.

Milky thinks she’s getting closer to the pole because of Sonam. She says she has never seen Sonam as an enemy, she has seen her as a polar friend. She asks Sonam to leave for Mumbai. Sonam says the happiness derived from cheating does not last long. The Milky Way must experience the karma of its actions. Milky asks if he will punish her, Sonam nods. Milky angrily moves towards Sonam but Dhruva’s father stops her.

Milky says Dhruv sent her out of this house once, today Dhruv’s wife sends her out. Dhruva’s father asks if she is mad, Milky Sonam says that she is talking about punishing Sosai in this house. She tells him not to touch Sonam, so she brings a stick and pushes Sonam. The two men come and say they saw the police on the way, when they learned that Sonam had arrived at the 14-day house quarantine.

Dhruv tells the man, yesterday he told Sonam to leave the house or kill her or something. Sonam’s father scolds his wife that Sonam is going through all this because he won’t let Sonam stay alive. Sonam’s mother tells her to be brave and do what she thinks is right. Dhruv’s father slaps him. Did any humanity leave him, he grew so much hate for him, he was talking about killing a girl he had loved for years, saying that he couldn’t live without Sonam whenever he came home or on the phone 3 years ago.

Dhruva says what she experienced because of Sonam and going out. Dhruv’s father asks his wife for a guest room, and she says no space is empty. He says he’ll make space for her in this house. Sonam’s mother is delighted to hear this, her father throws a phone and wakes her up as Sonam wins. He thinks Sonam has all the problems there.

Sonam gets a corner in the hall, she sweeps it. Bhabhi comes and offers her a small cylinder, dishes and teaches her to cook whenever she comes to him. Sonam thanks them and says that there are no fans here, it is very hot. Bhabhi says she will bring a hand fan. Dhruv sees Bhabhi handcuffing fan, says Sonam

Dhruv says this hand fan is perfect as the corona increases with more air. He tells her to be careful because there is a virus in the house and asks her not to go too far in Sonam’s corner. He goes and gives her a hand fan. Milky Way, Nutan, Sheetal and all these things to see in secret. Dhruv gives Sonam to the fans.