Men may need to keep mobile in the pocket of pants, experts warn, sexual dysfunction

Smartphones can affect men’s reproductive health: Is your name among men who keep their mobile phones in their pockets and roaming day and night, and the answer is yes, which is really a concern. According to the study, overuse of mobile is not only hazardous to your health but it is also causing the problem of weakness in men. In such a situation, many fertility experts have warned that a person who uses a mobile phone for at least an hour a day, his sperm are being destroyed or his sperm quality deteriorated.

Health experts are of the opinion that if you keep your cell phone in your pocket for too long, it increases the risk of radiation on your body. This affects two to seven times the damage caused by mobile phones placed in your bag. In addition to badly affecting a person’s DNA structure, mobile radiation can damage the heart. According to experts, by placing the mobile in a colored pocket, radiation weakens a person’s pelvic bones and reduces density.

According to Professor Martin Dirnfeld of the Technical University of Haifa, the study found that men who had a mobile bottom had a significant decline in both active swimming semen and its quality. This is because the sperm is affected by the phone and its electromagnetic activity.

The main reason why men’s sperm quality deteriorates drastically is that most men keep their mobile phones with their Thai. Not only that, but he keeps it at his bedside, even while charging his mobile at night. According to a report published in General Reproductive Biomedicine, even if you put your phone on a bedside table, it still affects the quality of your sperm.

There have been many surveys on mobile loss. It is said that using mobile and other devices will ruin your bedroom life. But according to a study by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (US) in Ohio, overuse of cell phones can reduce sperm count and lower sperm quality. The study found that keeping cell phones in a pocket for more than 4 hours a day was associated with the number of immature sperm. In addition, excessive cell phone use can damage fertility DNA in men. Several researchers have found that 14 percent of middle and high-income couples who use mobile devices have trouble conceiving.

What is the solution
Professor Geddes Grozinskas of St George’s Hospital, London, said: “Men need to get out of mobile addiction. They can miss important things in mobile business. To avoid this, it’s important to keep the mobile in your bag when you go to the office. Stay away from sleep and sleep. 106 After studying young men, this report by Israeli scientists has been published in the journal Preproductive Biomedicine, in which you are advised to keep your mobile phone away from you at night.

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