Naagin 5 17th October 2020 Written Update: Sakura and Jay fights with each other


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When the episode begins, Jay Shukla is asked if everything is going according to his plan. Shulka says everything is going well and Sakura has identified Bani as Adi Nagin but he has not told anyone about this. Mayuri asks if anyone suspects Sakura. Shukla says no one did. Jay says because it looks like how his face looked in the past.

Mayuri tells him that he still looks hot as he looks, and if she’s in the Audi Nagin position she’s leaving Jay to him. He says that Sakura should not be betrayed. Jay says he can’t because his precious thing is his release and he has that key. He asks what Shakura said about the project tonight. Shukla says I will address it later. Jay Weir dies in 2 days and laughs that he was flying too much but now he can’t do anything in front of him.

Weir takes Bani to the sky and asks what the moon or stars want. She says she wants to see that nothing else dies. She says that even in the past she was behind his death and now nothing has changed and the sky is his place and he can do anything with her from here. She says but he is tense instead of her and she is not afraid of anything because she knows to save herself. He tells her he is going to kill her without touching her.

Jay, Shukla and Mayuri reach some places. Mayuri asks what he’s doing there now. Shukla says that Shakura has said that tonight she can kill Bani. He gives Jay and Mayuri a knife and says it’s not normal it’s a magical weapon that has poison and it kills Audi Nagin easily. Shakura dropped Bani out of the sky and smiled as she watched him fall down. Mayuri, Jay and Shukla wait for Bani so they can kill her. Weir catches her before she falls down, and Jay looks shocked.

Shukla takes Jay and Mayuri away, saying they shouldn’t be there. Weir lands safely with Bani. She asks why he is trying to become a hero because of Willian and she is saving herself and doesn’t need his help. When he helps her, he tells her that he is his wife. He claims to be the king of the sky and that is his place so he can’t attack her there after he’s not a coward. She is angry at him. She wants to kill him but she can’t because he hasn’t attacked her and asks her why she thinks she can win against him. She says snakes are always superior to eagles and she can easily kill him and get out of there.

Bani reaches the house and Veer blocks her way and asks why God told Shiva Ji that snakes are superior to eagles until the snakes attack them. They say that because they believe God will obey His laws they are not capable of fighting against them.

He tells her that she looks beautiful in the sky and starts to flirt with her. She tells him to stop his nonsense and try to get out of there. But he held her and he thought she wouldn’t be back but it looks like she missed him so much. She says she has to finish a lot of things after she leaves here.

Jay gets angry at Sakura for saving Bani. Mayuri says he was there, then why is he repeating the same thing. Shukla gets angry at him for taking her from there. She tells him that he did the right thing and tells Bani to imagine what would happen if he saw them with arms. Sakura gets there. Seeing him, Jay shouts at him. Sakura shouts at him not to be his servant, just do what he says he should do.

Jay says his orders must be followed. Sakura says no one can control him, he’ll do whatever he wants to do. Jay shows him the key and warns him to think about his release. They quarrel with each other. Mayuri and Shukla try to calm him down by saying that they only get what they want if they work together.

Weir quarrels with Bani. When she talks about her privacy, he breaks the door and tells her to change clothes in anger. She praises Jay, which makes him angry and goes to sleep after cursing Jay. The next day, Weir asks Bani to go on a romantic death date. At that point Balwant comes in and takes Veer. Balwant asks Weir about the major red stone.

Weir says he doesn’t know about that. Balwant says that’s how it is when that stone is just listening to Weir. Weir was so busy with his wife that they disturbed him and left. Bani listens to their conversation. Weir tells Jay about that red stone and complains that Balwant shouts at her. Jay goes to the temple to find about that red stone but there is nothing visible to him.

Mayuri gets there and tells Sakura to shut up for Bani. Priest’s wife listens to everything and is disappointed with her helplessness. When the bunny opens the red stone comes out and she fails to notice it. That stone will blow everyone up into the air. Balwant tells Veer to control the stone and the stone captures Balwant. And Weir sees it all. Observing all this, Bani wonders why Veer is not doing anything and wonders what if he wasn’t the original Veer.

The episode ends.