Naagin 5 8 November 2020 Written Update Episode -Balwant says Veer gets mad at Bani’s love

Naagin 5 8 November 2020 Written Update Episode -Balwant says Veer gets mad at Bani’s love

Weir telling Bani how he saved the child in this place. She realizes that he was the one who saved her and she remembers all the moments she spent with him. She follows him. She tells Jay that Weir is the one who rescued him when he was a child. Jay tells him to kill Weir without thinking about anything else.

Jay asks Shukla about his whereabouts. Shukla says she is ready with her plan. Jay is glad that no one can save Weir now. He tells Bani to stay away from Weir, and if she can’t kill him, that’s okay, because the explosion is happening now. Weir says she’s not already trying to please Bani and she’s his special person, which is why he shares his special moment with her.

He tells her that she should hug him now. Weir moves forward and the explosion takes place everywhere. She takes him with her. Jay tells her not to run and to let him die there. They reach their car and get out of there. They ask about each other at the same time. He asks if she knows that snakes are enemies to eagles. She says that today she risked her life and saved him.

Jay gets angry that the plan failed because of Bani. He also blames Mayuri and Shukla. Manuri says Bani repulsed what he could do. Jay tries to kill Mayuri and Shukla so he never defeats the others but Mayuri pushes him into his trap and runs off with Shukla from there.

Bani asks why Jay called her. According to his plan, he asks why she saved Weir when the explosion occurred. He says Weir saved him in his childhood. If they do not save them they are alive now because they are Adi Nag and Adi Nagin. They say it’s time they didn’t know to change into a snake form, so if Weir didn’t save them, they would be dead.

She has postponed her decision to kill Weir and tells her to follow her orders and leave. Mayuri brings the idol of Matarani to her home and tells Dandiya to celebrate it all. Tapish says the mansion now looks like a home. Veer calls Bani to worship.

Mayuri tries to make Arati first. But Bani picks up the Aarti plate by saying that she is the first daughter of the house, so she does Aarti first. Weir asks why Bani saved his life and says there is still time to complete his challenge. He kept staring at her. She tells him she wants to see God not her. They worship together.

In disguise, Jay meets Mayuri and asks what her plan is. If Bani doesn’t kill Weir, he can kill him because Weir has attacked him in the past. He says he can but Bani intervenes. She tells Bani that she is distracted and can focus on their pain. Mayuri Dandiya declared it was time. Weir begged Bani to dance with her and put her hand to her side.

She is silent. He forwards the dandiya stick so she can hold it if he doesn’t hold his hand. And they start to dance together. Weir now knows Bani knows his truth and thinks she hasn’t run away from him. She thinks she doesn’t know her truth and tells others to join the dance. Mayuri dances with Bani and deliberately pushes her aside and attacks her. Bani gets angry and quarrels again. Mayuri says this is the end for Adi Nagin.

Jay turns into Bani and attacks Weir. He asks why she did this. She tells how she can live with Adi Nagin and Adi Nagin Chil. Mayuri and Bani attack each other. Mayuri says this is the end of Bani. Weir is shocked to see the snake form of Bani. Bani thinks Veer is in danger and tries to get out of there to save him. The fake bunny tells Veer her identity. Veer gets a glimpse of his past and remembers everything and takes the name of Nageshwari. Fake Bani tells her that she is right She is Nageshwari and she kills him even at this birth.

Mayuri says that Bani cannot win against her. The fake Bani was going to kill Weir but the Original Bani gets in there and pushes her away. Weir says he remembered everything. Jay turns to his original form. Bani asks how he can try to kill Weir. Weir’s family will know that Bani is the snake. Weir says she is Adi Nagin.

Weir says they now know the truth of Bani. Balwant tries to attack Bani but Veer tells him it’s his responsibility and he won’t let anyone attack his wife. He says he can kill Jay if he wants to. Bani warns Jay not to touch him. Weir says everything will be in line with Bani’s wish. Balwant says he doesn’t listen to anyone now.

Jay tries to take Bani out of there. Weir warns his wife not to touch him. Jay says Bani is not safe here. Weir tells Jay Bani is a real danger and tells him to run away if he wants to save his life. They start arguing with each other. Bani intervenes that no one needs to save her and that she is enough to protect herself.

She decides where she wants to live and takes Jane from there. Weir says she won’t let him go away from her. He says he has said the same thing in the past. She says she knows what’s between her and the one who saved him at every birth. Bani comes out of the house with Jay. She is Adi Nagin and she says she will not forgive them easily and they will get their punishment.

Precap – Weir says Bani has so much power after all Adi Nagin. Balwant says Veer gets mad at Bani’s love.