Other Poonawala said – Coveshield production is going on in Pune, I will check back to India

Adar Poonawala, CEO of Serum Institute of India (SII), a coronavirus vaccine company, said production of the Covid-19 vaccine ‘CovShield’ is on the rise. However, when they return to the country, they inspect the entire operation. Poonawala is currently based in the UK, where he has gone to visit his family members. “I had a great meeting in Britain with all my partners and concerned parties,” Poonawala said in a tweet. However, I am happy to say that the production of Cowshield in Pune is heavy. When I return to India in a few days I will review the production work.

Serum CEO’s big fee in London, India’s powerful people are upset, don’t want to go back

The third phase of the Kovid-19 vaccination has been launched in India. In the third phase, young people between the ages of 18 and 44 had to be vaccinated but due to lack of vaccines, some states were unable to start it on time. A few other states and Union Territories, including Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Jammu and Kashmir, have begun the third phase of vaccination, but Karnataka and Odisha have begun their gestation.

Poonawalla talked about putting pressure on her for the Kovid-19 vaccine on Saturday. He was under pressure to meet the fastest growing demand in the country. India is currently facing a second wave of corona virus. Earlier this week, Poonawala was granted Wi-Class security. In an interview with the Times, he spoke of threatening calls from some of India’s most powerful men. CoveyShield .These calls have been made in connection with the supply of food. Cowshield Oxford … AstraZeneca’s Covid – 19th vaccine produced by SII in India.

He said his decision to come to London was mainly to meet his wife and child. In addition, the purpose of this trip is to enhance business activities. In the past week, the SII has reduced the cost of the vaccine from Rs 400 to Rs 300 for states. Previously, the company paid Covishield Rs 150 to the central government. In addition to the CVS shield, Bharat Biotech’s Kovacsin is being used in a vaccination campaign in the country.