People who work should incorporate a ‘normal yoga protocol’ into their lifestyle, away from stress

Yoga makes the body soft and strong. Yoga is a cure for mental and physical problems. Sometimes the body structure is damaged due to incorrect posture. Yoga is considered the best medicine to calm the mind with depression and restlessness. Workaholics usually have tightness in the body due to stress and long working hours. In such a situation, there are some yogasanas, by doing so you can refresh yourself and focus your attention. In such a situation, the ministry of AYUSH shared a video on its Twitter account, in which it mentions the general yoga protocol for the problems faced by working people. Come on, let’s learn about Yogasanas.

1) Half chakrasana

Half-chakra, the body is half-wheel shaped, so it is also called the half-wheel pose. By doing this, you strengthen the abdominal muscles, improve digestion, soften the spine, stretch the pelvis, and increase your ability. To do this, first stand up straight and place your hands on the waist. Slowly bend the upper back and hold this pose for a few seconds. Now slowly return to normal.

2) Pranayama of pulse search

‘Pulse’ means ‘way’, ‘shodhan’ means ‘cleansing’. Doing this will alleviate the problem of anxiety, stress and insomnia. By doing this, the oxygen reaches the right amount for the whole body. To do this, sit in a meditation posture and place your left hand on the left foot in the knowledge pose. Keep the straight hand in the nose position. Close the nostril with the right thumb and breathe out the other side and close the nostril with the ring finger and breathe out the other side. Repeat it.

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