Rail Travel: IRCTC does not offer women a seat on men, find out about the website

Indian Railways is known as the lifeline of India because it is widely used by everyone. It is difficult to imagine development without it, which is why life was halted when rail services were shut down during the Corona period. People began to travel long distances on foot. Then it started after losing some special trains.

You must reserve a train ticket through IRCT at some time or another. You cannot book tickets without it. IRCTC is an Indian Railway Company that provides ticket booking, catering and tourism services. It is the responsibility of the CRIC, ie, the Central Railway Information System. It is an Indian Railway Company. So today let us learn about some interesting facts about Indian Railways.

Interesting facts

The IRCTC website of Indian Railways is one of the busiest websites.

7200 tickets are booked in one minute through IRCTC’s e-ticketing system.

A total of 27 tickets have been reserved on the IRCTC website for the first day, with more than 5 lakh tickets currently reserved.

According to Rail Restro, when a woman reserves a train ticket, the IRCTC offers such a seat, where the woman’s name is already seated. This is done so that the woman sitting between the men does not feel uncomfortable and insecure.

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