Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 19th October 2020 Written Update: Full Episode

Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 19th October 2020 Written Update: Full Episode – Ram Pare Sirf Hamare Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist on www.indiannewslive.com

The serial begins with Koel entering Ram-Dulari’s house, she laughs at Dulari and feels that Dulari throws her out of the house as soon as her mun-wrath is over. Koel sees a picture of Ram-Dulari and Ram soon becomes her and for that she can do whatever she wants, dress like Dulari.

Meanwhile, when Irfan arrives, Ram is tense at the tea shop, and when Ram shares his problem with him, Irfan asks him to tear Dulari’s favorite saree, which will surely scream at her but Ram refuses to give her a sari. And finally Ram agreed.

Ram smiles at her with a gift of Koyal Dulari’s pink sari, but Dulari signals to Radha where she is going, telling Radha that she is going to do penance for Dulari so that she can get her voice back and walk away. Dulary looks at Kool, dressed like Dulari, Ram looks for Dulari’s pink saree, looks at Kool who is wearing the same sari and thinks she is Dulari, he moves to her with scissors to cut the saree.

When Dulari is shocked, he begins to cut the saree, meanwhile Koel turns around and screams at Ram, which also makes Ram scream, Koel looks at her saree and then falls on Ram’s arm (Ek Taraf hai ghar wali) song plays. Dulary was upset and told her that she would break her man-wreath, but she stopped to look at her thread and recalled Patang’s speech, when Ram dropped the scissors on his leg and started screaming in pain.

Ram asks her what she is doing in Dulari’s saree, she asks him to relax as she wears her saree not mangasutra, he asks her to stop taking Dulari’s belongings and create problems between them as she loves Dulari.

While searching for the medical box, Dulari looks at the book and now that Kool does nothing, her moun-wrath can’t break, and soon Koel lets Cole out of the house, while Koel asks Ram not to misunderstand him as he is here to give her a shock. Explains and he thanks her.

Koel tore a piece of his saree and bleed it, tying it to Rama’s foot, at which point Dulari came in with a medical box, leaving Ram shocked. Ram sees Dulari get angry and asks to scream to get rid of her anger, Dulari thinks she’s not going to ram AMD from there.

Ram looks at Dulari affectionately and asks her to say something, she thinks she has only 1 day to talk, Ram understands how worried Dulari is that she speaks and he only wants to give love to her, Dulary smiles and gives him a pan but instead he takes her hand and starts dancing , Koel looks at them and makes faces.

Ram gets up to drink water and sees Koyal lying on the bed between him and Dulari, he is frightened and goes to wake Dulari, he is also afraid, they both try to wake up Koyal but she started talking in her sleep, it frightened Ram, she woke up and woke up loud He comes into his room. Ram starts chanting prayers when Koel starts doing weird things in sleep, Patang is afraid to look at her and tells her that she has demon and moor ts there.