Sathya 8 November 2020 Written Update Episode: Satya sleeping peacefully in her room

Sathya 8 November 2020 Written Update Episode: Satya sleeping peacefully in her room

Today’s episode begins with Satya sleeping peacefully in her room. Prabhu is sitting next to her and staring at Satyam. The man remembers how he stood up for his wife. Whatever the situation? Our wife is in a critical situation, so it is the husband’s duty to understand his pain and support him in his worst time. We want to deal with the situation together. Prabhu understood his words and compared the situation with them.

The next day Satya was working at her job shop. She’s sweating badly in that hot. When Anita and Weerasinghe are sitting in their car, they are spying on the truth. Anita tells her husband what she wants? The truth is suffering like hell. She wanted to see the situation for her, which is why she was asked to drive here.

Prabhu arrives and tells Anita what she did here during office hours. The truth also greeted him there, amazed. Satya asks what he is doing in his office during his office hours. Prabhu tells Makan to fetch things from his car? He throws the car key to him. He moves to pick it up. Anita asks Weerasingham to leave before her BP increases. He leaves from there. Prabhu tells her about his lunch time so he wants to eat it with her. The truth of hearing it was a surprise.

Prabhu tells her that he is going to eat lunch with her every day. Truth tells him a little more. Prabhu replies to her, she cannot stop him. Everyone settles down and starts to eat food. Satya Prabhu Mandapuna notices this and smiles. Prabhu helps wipe the truth lips. Truth coughs in excitement He makes her drink water.

Prabhu comes to his house. Sadashivam stops him and asks him why he insulted him. Prabhu replied, “What does he mean? Sadashivam tells him that his staff saw him in the mechanic shed. Why did they buy food for Satya? Prabhu answered what was wrong with it and he brought food to his wife.

Anita complained that she was helping her. Prabhu tells her that Satya is working there, she has never insulted anyone. Truth hears it and goes away in silence. Indumati Prabhu supports them and warns them to focus on their own lives. Satya says he will stop supporting Prabhu and he will only deal with everything. Prabhu tried to explain to her but everything was in vain.

Prabhu takes Sasi somewhere. Sasuke kept asking where he had taken him. Prabhu tells him that Satya will decide to help him use the law indirectly. He refuses to help her but Prabhu threatens him with his work. Satya is drinking tea with Makan. Prabhu puts his car in front of her and asks Sasi to put the money on his bike. Sasi somehow manages to put it on her bike. Satya takes that amount into her own hands.