See how the thirsty cobras gave him a bottle of water, the video is going viral

People are horrified to hear the name of a cobra snake, but a video is going viral on social media in which a man can be seen drinking a bottle of water for him. Not only this, the thirsty cobra drinks this water very comfortably. This video was shared by Indian Forest Service Officer Sushant Nanda on his Twitter account. Nanda shared the video, ‘Love and water. Two important things for life. People are increasingly commenting on the video shared by an IFS officer. Users wrote that this was the first time they had seen snake drinking water. I have heard users say that snakes cannot drink water.

One user described the cobra as a daring act of feeding water. At the same time, a man asked the question, who is the person who gives the coconut water and how he made it so easy. This is not the first time the snake is drinking water so comfortably. Another video went viral some time ago in which a snake was found drinking water in a person’s palms. The man who shared the video told me that the snake’s tongue doesn’t help to drink water. But he can do it through his jaws.

Indian Forest Service Officer Sushant Nanda shares interesting videos on his account. He recently shared another video in which a man jumped into a well to save a cobra. Moreover, the cobra was easily brought out. In the caption of this video, Sushant Nanda also wrote, ‘If you are not trending do it never. It can be fatal. ‘They often share many real-life related videos that go viral.