Sembaruthi 17th October 2020 Written Update: Aishwarya attempts to convince Arun

Written Update on September 17, 2020 at

The serial begins with Arun coming home angry. Aishwarya asks what happened when she returned from office. Purushottaman stops Arun and asks what happened. Arun did not like it so he came quickly. Purushotaman says this is his factory and asks him to stop working as an employee. Employees should understand this, Arun says, they will provoke him. Purushottamman questions that provoked him. Arun answers the union leader and tells him that he has beaten him. Purushotaman is shocked.

Akhila comes in and asks what they are discussing about staying here. She asks Arun what the factory experience looks like and there is no problem. Purushothaman replies in Arun’s position. Akhila stops him and asks Arun why he returned home early. Arun apologizes for hitting the union leader

Akhila says she understands the consequences of biting a union leader. She and Adhi did not hurt any of the employees, they patiently handled it even if they made any mistakes. If Adi was in your place he would have had problems instead of running away. That is why Arun says he does not want to take on these responsibilities. Akhila says she never asked him to change to Adi. She asks him to correct his mistakes, create for himself and his own identity. She wanted to make him a business and ask him to understand it.

Parvati is upset to see that Adhi has not drank tea. She puts his shirt and pants on the bed and goes to get ready for the temple. Adhi hides her coat and calls Parvati. If she gets angry, he tells her he was working. Parvati says she worked without drinking tea. Adhi says she is angry because he does not drink tea and asks to have tea. Parvati says I will make tea after returning from the temple.

Adhi asks if it is more important to go to the temple than to give him tea. He asks to give her his shirt and Parvati says she put the shirt and pants on the bed and the shirt is missing. She wonders where the shirt went. She asks Adi to evacuate but Adi asks her to go and find him in the bar, but Parvati is sure to have a shirt and asks him to move. When he refuses, Parvati begins to irritate Adi’s hips and the latter moves on. Adhi stops her and gives her a shirt. He tells her to get down on her way and irritates Parvati’s hips before changing.

Aishwarya comes to talk to Akhila. The second she asks if she has come to take her husband, if she understands what he did was wrong. She knows that Arun is struggling. He is not a child, he is a man of the family and he knows the situation of our family and company and what he has done. Akhila says she probably believed him and it was her fault. She knows he is trying to escape his responsibilities, he has already done it. She may have made the wrong decision, she says, losing her trust in Arun. Aishwarya tells him that she trusts Arun and asks Yo to give her a chance. She replaces Arun. Akhila says she has faith in him and she keeps her words.

He remembers Arun saying that if Adi was in your place, he would not run away from the problems, then she wanted to make him a business and ask him to understand it. Aishwarya comes and comforts him. Arun says he broke his mother’s trust and hurt her. He always bothers her and tells her he won’t go to the office or the factory. Aishwarya says Akhila gave her responsibilities, hoping she would help him. If she listens to him, she breaks down.

Arun says he cannot fulfill his mother’s expectations and that he cannot be a subordinate. Aishwarya says that Akhila does not want to be a subordinate and asks him to support her as Akhila. She asks him to forget everything and go to the office as a freshman. She promised to replace Akhila. Arun angrily says that he will not go to the office or factory and he will not change his decision to anyone. The nurse listens to their conversation.

The serial ends.