Sevilla vs Man Utd player ratings

Who stole the headlines and beat Sevilla Manchester United to reach the Europa League final?

United lost 2-1 to Germany in their third consecutive semi-final match of the season, as the goals of Suso and Luc de Jong were completed after Bruno Fernandez’s opening penalty.

Ole Gunnar Solszier’s side were forced to wrap up a string of missed opportunities on both sides – so who were the star performers on both sides, and who was responsible for United’s tough night?

Yasin Bounou – 8

Mainly against Anthony Marshall, Sevilla produced a half-good save to keep him in the game. Without him, there would be little chance of Luc de Jong’s late winners.

Jesus Nawaz – 7

Deal with Marcus Rashford and support Suso well – trusting his 34-year-old against his former rival club.

Jules County – 6

Anthony struggled with Marshall, especially after the break, and allowed the Frenchman to put away several attempts, but improved in the final half hour.

Diego Carlos – 5

Accepting the penalty for the first half is probably an unfortunate but always risky take on sliding into Rashford inside the box.

Sergio Reguilon – 7

When they return to the original club Real Madrid this summer, they are shown why they are in demand. Aaron Wan-Bissaca has been shown a tremendous aggressive tendency to give all kinds of trouble, and

Fernando – 6

Manchester United Dangerman Bruno Fernandez didn’t always get a handle but after half time Rashford made a significant block on the effort, which could have saved his team a goal.

Ever Banega – 8

Masterful, as expected. Made everything look easy with and without the ball. He gave up the ball in a dangerous area once after half time, but his game was insightful, tidy and classy.

Lucas Ocampos – 7

Another time for Wan-Bissaka to step down from the United right. Regulan played for Sevilla’s equalizer and was forced out of injury after a break.

Suso – 7

The right guy at the right place to pull Sevilla’s level, the former Liverpool guy gets his old rival team. Alangisde Nawaz, on the right, made life very difficult for Williams.

Joan Jordan – 7

Setting up Ocampos for the first half opportunity and tying Yussef El-Nesri’s back before making a late replacement. Could have liked to make a little more impact in the final third.

Youssef N-Nesiri – 6

Quite a quiet game before Sevilla became his first man to be withdrawn from the night. Didn’t see much of the night ball.


Muneer (to Ocampos, 56) – 6

Ocampos is busy off the bench without setting standards.

Luc de Jong (for N-Nesiri, 56) – 7

Sevilla provided the moment to take him to the final, but United let out a sigh of relief when the ball lazily gave up while looking for an equalizer.

Franco Vazquez (for Suso, 75) – 6

There was little time to make a significant impact even though the final 15 minutes came.

Nemanja Gudelz (Susoge, 87) – N / A

Manchester United
David de Gaia – 6

A couple of smart first half saves were made and both were exposed by their defense for close-range goals.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 5

Neither Reguilon nor Ocampos gripped the pace and intensity, and De Jong’s late winners were not completely switched off. He had no clue where the striker was and paid for it.

Harry Maguire – 6

Deal with El-Nesiri a lot before he left, but failed to block the crosses for both goals.

Victor Lindelof – 6

Like Wan-Bissaka, De Jong was completely lost for the second goal and, like Maguire, failed to stop the cross for Suso’s equalizer.

Brandon Williams – 6

Considering he was dealing with Nawaz and Suso for most of the game, De Jong dealt moderately well until he could easily beat them to the cross that would lead to their winners.

Paul Pogba – 6

The midfield looked impressive at times but United struggled to maintain their own performance when they dropped their levels in the last half hour.

Fred – 6

It started brightly and there was plenty of energy in the midfield before half time, running ahead and getting close after a run, but fading after the break.

Bruno Fernandez – 7

The guy who deserves to be on the winning side. Since signing in January, Manchester United have shown what they have to offer, and if their teammates have done much, they have the shout out of the teammates.

Mason Greenwood – 6

Life was not easy against Reguilon, but it took two tries after a clear half-time. Sadly, like his teammates on the night, Bounou couldn’t find a way to beat him.

Anthony Marshall – 5

There was a chance to be a hero – but after half-time, the county saw a wave of opportunities

Marcus Rashford – 6

His forward teammate Marshall provided a bit more quality than the left, and was unlucky with the first-half effort, but still far from his best.


Don James (to Wan-Bissacca, 87) – N / A

Juan Mata (for Rashford, 87) – N / A

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