Shaadi Mubarak 17th October 2020 Written Update: Rati’s plan against preeti gets successful

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The episode begins with KT asking for love at that time. Love claps her fingers in front of him and it becomes his dream, KT asks love in her throat, saying that it is better because she has taken medications. Loving eyes come to an advance check, she rejoices and congratulates Katie. She goes to the idol of God and asks Katie to join her, KT thinks she prayed to God and love lied to him?

Priyanka tells Tarun that she has a lawyer friend who can help Tarun get the witchcraft without any alimony, which Tarun says can make Priyanka suspicious of him.

KT Preethi and Sheena continue to discuss wedding ideas and love said that it would be good if we send wedding cards with gift cards. KT feels that love is too loyal to her job and at that point she gets a call that she can’t cheat him and says he should go home, love says that she is meeting with Mr. Goplani, at some point, KT answers that there is no problem, because yesterday she went alone Love can go to meetings alone to discuss things, love gets tense and remembers Mr.. Goplani’s conditions.

Juhi is swatch cleaning and Kusum laughs at her swatch cleaning process, at which point Kusum calls from Amit’s mother, Amit has been in the US for 10 days and cannot return quickly and asked Kusum to delay the Roka ceremony. Thinks and doubts Priyanka.

Preeti was talking to Mr. Goplani in a video call and explaining about the disturbance. Mrs. Goplani was so impressed and appreciative that at that time love came from Chanda. Chanda says nothing happened to Rathi, she summoned love here to partner with her and instigate her against KT, love shouts at her and tells her that she does not hear anything against KT and further praises him that he is working very hard And walks away from there.

When asked not to believe in love, KT is enjoying coffee with Neelima but he supports that love cannot be broken. When Juhi finds Priyanka’s identity card and learns that she works at Tarun’s company, she also finds a nail polish and remover, Juhi thinks how many lies Priyanka has told her.

Neeleema shows Chanda and Preity Toghar’s picture, which shocked KT on the other side. Rathi says the film creates credibility issues between Prema-KT and her family and they have sent the film to KT’s mother and wrote that Preeti has leaked information only about Nathmal’s contract, she continues to say that love is shredded and loosened. Katie understands that if love seems to interfere with the gift, Neelima on the other hand is not worthy of love.

PreCap: – When love gets there KT is sitting in a bad mood on his cabin chair, he shouts at her to get out. Call KT Neelima and tell her to make a partnership cancellation letter as she wants to end her partnership with Premi.