The difference in the BP of both arms can be fatal, know what the expert advice is

Best way to check blood pressure at home: In general, when checking blood pressure, people find their health and illness by reading a single hand. But is it really the right way to check blood pressure? Research on blood pressure can blow your senses. Yes, in this research there is a huge disparity in the blood pressure of both hands, which can be attributed to a person’s premature death.

After researching 230 people in Britain, it was said that people with high blood pressure disease and their arms had a huge difference in blood pressure, who died prematurely from heart disease, trauma or other causes. Be early. He is a professor of the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Exeter. Clark is the lead researcher of this research.

Maureen Talbot, senior cardiologist at the British Heart Foundation, says the research confirms that blood pressure in both arms should be checked when testing blood pressure. At the same time, he made it clear that a slight difference in blood pressure of both hands was common.

The lead researcher of this research was Dr. Clark told the BBC, “The doctor’s message is that when they check a patient’s blood pressure, they should definitely comply with the national standard of blood pressure set for both arms. That will happen.”

At the same time, 3400 patients over the age of 40 were examined at the Massachusetts Hospital in the US for this matter. They were patients with no early symptoms of heart disease. The test found a difference in systolic blood pressure in one hand and 5 in the other. But of these 10 per cent, this difference was found to be more than 10 per cent. These people were supervised for 13 years. Signs of heart attack, heart attack and heart disease were found in 38% of people with a difference of more than 10. In hypertensive patients, when the difference in blood pressure of both arms is 10 or greater, they are at risk for heart attack.

If the difference in BP of both arms is high when measuring blood pressure, it may indicate obstruction in the arteries of the arms. Problems in the peripheral arteries increase the likelihood of disturbances in the heart and brain. Because of this, there is an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

It has been previously stated in 28 research papers published in the science journal The Lancet that if there is a large difference between the blood pressure of both hands it can cause vascular disease. This increases the risk of death.

Expert Advice
Dr Barak, lead researcher at the British Heart Foundation, says that high blood pressure patients who take home blood pressure tests should follow their doctor’s advice. Clark recommended.
“If they are being treated for hypertension and there is a significant difference in blood pressure in both arms, it is important to know that they are being treated for their future assessment,” he said.

Keep these things in mind before checking out-
Avoid alcohol and nicotine intake half an hour before the BP test.
When measuring blood pressure, sit upright and keep your legs straight for a few minutes.
When measuring blood pressure, with the help of the elbow, place the arm in such a way that it reaches the heart level.
Bandage the upper part of the arm and check the BP according to the machine instruction.

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