The trend of micro wedding is increasing among young people, know what the benefits of this type of wedding for couples

Micro Wedding Trend: Indian wedding is well known for its customs and diet not only in the country but also abroad. Here people begin the preparations for the celebration months before the wedding. However, the epidemic of corona has changed a lot in people’s lives and trends in weddings. Nowadays, the micro wedding trend has become quite popular among couples instead of crowded weddings. Tell us what is this micro wedding trend and what are the benefits of doing it.

Subtle wedding trends
Apart from the bride and groom, very close family members and guests are involved in such weddings. At least people are invited to this wedding. The number of people attending a wedding can be a maximum of 50-100 and a minimum of 20-25. Despite this, this type of wedding is also done in a wonderful way.

Advantages of Micro Wedding
A broken old trend

A lot is spent on weddings in India. The more crowded the wedding is, the more magnificent the wedding will be. But with the advent of micro weddings, the trend of this kind of wedding has diminished. Now people prefer to get married at least in the crowd.

The ruminating tendency is also over.
The number of guests at the grand wedding is also high. In such a situation, if there is something lacking in the care of relatives, he is angry at you. But at least the guest is invited because of the micro wedding. Because of this, people are less likely to be angry.

Marriage without debt
People spend so much money on marriage that they appear to have a lot of debt. But at Micro Wedding people can make their wedding in a very budget-friendly way.

No need to cut the decor –
There are fewer people in a micro wedding, so it only needs a little space. Therefore, the decoration of the entire wedding venue is done at minimal cost. With less money, you don’t have to spend more on the decoration of each place.You can decorate.

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