These 5 tips will increase the mileage of your car, saving you thousands of rupees

Petrol and diesel prices have skyrocketed in the country. Petrol exceeds 100 in many cities, not even diesel. In this case, the cost of driving a petrol car or diesel is higher. If you want, you can increase the car’s mileage by making slight changes to your driving style. Here we are going to tell you 5 tips which will improve the car’s fuel efficiency.

1. Turn off the car when it is parked
It is common for many people to keep the engine running when the car is parked at a red light or anywhere else. This is bad practice. If you need to stop the vehicle for more than 10 seconds, it’s best to turn off the engine. In many vehicles, the automatic start / stop feature is starting to come into play.

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2. Keep an eye on tire pressure
To get good mileage, the car’s tire pressure must be in the right ratio. So it is best to check it from time to time. The correct tire pressure for your car is listed on the inside of the driver’s door. The tire pressure standard for each car is different. Tire Pressure Monitoring System is also coming in many vehicles now.

3. Take care while driving
When driving, you need to take care of a few things. Try to keep the car at the same speed. Sudden increases and decreases affect mileage. You also need to take care of the gear. It is important to shift to the right gear at the right speed. If you have a habit of braking too fast, change that too. Do not brake too fast even if there is no emergency.

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4. Use this type of AC
Using air conditioning in the car reduces mileage. So turn off the AC when it is not needed. This saves fuel. When the AC is running, set it to normal temperature. Fuel efficiency is reduced by driving at high speeds. However, if you open the window while driving a car at high speeds in the summer, it can also be a mistake. It is best that you close the window and run the AC only.

5. Get service from time to time
Apart from the driving tips mentioned above, it is also important to get the car service on time. Make sure fuel and air filter, lubricant, engine oil and other parts are serviced regularly. Any defect in these parts will increase fuel consumption. In such a situation, any kind of suggestions will not work.

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