What is the Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes? Learn the Symptoms and Prevention

The Difference Between Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2: Most people today are in the grip of diabetes due to their lack of lifestyle and exercise. Diabetes is such a disease that, if not properly managed in time, can increase the risk of many health problems such as high blood pressure, heart, kidney disease, paralysis, eye problems, and ulcers in the feet.

What is diabetes
In fact, insulin is a hormone produced in the body that regulates blood sugar levels. It is made in our body in a gland called the pancreas. As a result, blood sugar accumulates in our body’s cells. The body of a person suffering from diabetes does not produce insulin or the cells of the body are not sensitive to insulin and sugar does not accumulate in them and is present in the blood.

There are two types of diabetes –
There are two types of diabetes – type-1 and type-2. In this, a person with type 1 diabetes has genetically. Meaning, when someone in his parents’ family, grandparents suffer from diabetes, the likelihood of this person being in that person is many times greater. In some people, due to the wrong lifestyle and wrong diet, the disease goes home. This condition is called type-2 diabetes. The problem of diabetes type 1 can be seen from birth to the baby. In this condition, insulin is not produced within the body. The pancreas stops insulin production from genetic causes. It is an autoimmune disorder.

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes
– Frequent urination
– The patient becomes very thirsty
– The patient begins to feel weak
– Increased heart rate
– Injury takes longer to heal due to injury
– Problems such as tingling, tremors in the hands

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes
-The strain
– See less
– Headache problem
– Injuries or injuries do not heal quickly
– Impact of vision

Who’s at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes?
The risk of type 2 diabetes increases after 45 years.
Be especially cautious of members of families who have diabetes.
Type-2 diabetes first strikes people with obesity.
People with high blood pressure, low HDL or high cholesterol are at increased risk for type-2 diabetes..

Measures to Prevent Diabetes-
In the early stages of diabetes, it can be controlled by making some lifestyle changes. But if there is a greater problem, the person is given insulin to prevent it. The cells are powered by the insulin-delivering sugar.

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