What is the Supreme Court’s ruling on Muniratnam’s Big Relief?

New Delhi: The BJP has acted in accordance with the previous 17 MLAs. The BJP High Command has announced the name of Munirat, a former MLA, as the BJP candidate in Rajarajeshwari city. By this, RR had become deeply interested in state politics. The city is open to all the confusion of the by-election.

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on the RR city by-election, the BJP has announced the nomination list of the High Command Munirat. Munirath will submit his nomination papers tomorrow morning at 11.00 am. Munirat is at ease with the news of the Supreme Court verdict and ticket announcement.

The Supreme Court today gave Big Relief this afternoon to Muniratnam, who has been trapped for over a year after being caught in an illegal ballot case. The Supreme Court has dismissed a petition filed by defeated BJP candidate Tulsi Muniraj Gowda challenging the selection of Munirath in the last assembly elections.

Green also gave the by-election a refusal to block the by-election. The Supreme Court ruling resulted in the relief of Munirat. Munirath was also freed from the fake ballot stigma.

What’s in the Supreme Judgment?
Rajarajeshwari Nagar constituency has been vacant for a year. No Representative. According to the constitution, elections should be held within six months. The absence of a Representative is as unfair to the people in that constituency.

There is no supplementary evidence for election malpractice. The complainant has not even submitted documents to the High Court. It is not reasonable to consider a nearest competitor as a legislator. (The order in the case of DK Sharma vs. Ram Sharan Yadav is considered here. It is said that the same ratio cannot be applied in a field where there are more than two candidates.

Postponing the scheduled by-election is not reasonable. The gap between the closest rival and the MLA’s votes is huge. Winning is impossible even if all the illegal votes are transferred to the applicant. 14 How was the transfer of votes to the candidates? It is impossible to estimate. Thus the by-election for RR City is the best way. The petition filed by Muniraj Gowda is not significant.


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