World Brain Tumor Day 2021: These are brain tumor symptoms, headache-vomiting begins

World Brain Tumor Day 2021: Every year the entire world celebrates June 8 as World Brain Tumor Day. On this special day, awareness about tumors will be sought to spread among the people of the world. Brain Tumor Day was first started by the German brain tumor association Deutsche Hirntemerhirhilf in 2000.

The brain tumor is such a disease that, if not treated in time, can prove fatal. When the brain tumor begins, some of the most common symptoms appear in a person’s body, but in some cases these symptoms may be caused by some other disease. That is why it is important to understand the brain tumor and to know its symptoms.

According to experts, a brain tumor can occur at any age. Often the cause of the disease is poor eating habits and drug abuse. But sometimes it can be hereditary.

Early symptoms of brain tumor-
According to experts, there are some early symptoms of a brain tumor. Learn about –
Pain in a pattern in different parts of the head.
Gradually, this pain will arise and intensify for a long time.
Vibration in the body for no reason.
Numbness In The Organ
Vomiting and nausea for whatever reason
– Difficulty in speaking and listening
When there is a brain tumor, muscle cramps are experienced
Mooring can also be a symptom

Brain tumor treatment
Treatment of brain tumors usually begins with surgery, which aims to remove as many tumors as possible. In the next phase of treatment, the patient undergoes chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The purpose is to destroy the remaining tumor cells after surgery.

Notice- These symptoms of a brain tumor can be any other disease. Headache and vomiting do not mean brain tumor. If you have any doubts, don’t panic, talk to your doctor immediately.

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