World Food Day: Our Telly stars Reveal their Favorite foods

It’s World Food Day and how can we leave this opportunity to talk about our favorite foods. While we all know what we like on our plate and what drives our hunger pangs, today, let’s get to know our favorite foods of our telly stars. With their intense schedule and strict fitness regime, television stars are not expected to love food. But no….

Our TV stars are also foodies and today, we find out who loves what. In a conversation with BT, these stars revealed their food secrets.

Kunal Jaising, of ‘Holy Bhagya’ fame, says tomato black pepper soup is one of his absolute favorites. “This spirit has everything it takes to instantly rejuvenate us. And it’s very healthy. Tomato and black pepper are both praised for their antioxidants and mineral value.

Malhar Pandya who is currently seen in ‘Radhakrishna’ follows the law of green good! “A beautiful blend of spinach, carrots and potatoes, brightened with cumin pepper flavor, is a game-changing condiment. This delicious mಂಜ್lange of veggies can be paired with hot chapatis or rice. Whenever I am hungry, this is my go-to dish. ”

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Renowned for his ‘Naughty Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story’, Puneet Chowkse thinks healthy eating is important. “Whenever I visit supermarkets, I make sure to take some Rajamas to collect at home. Sometimes, I survive on it. For my part, Rajama Chawal is a healthy and easy meal to prepare when I’m completely on my own and I need to prepare something quickly because I’m hungry. It doesn’t take much time and it’s comfort food, ”he says.

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Known for her role as ‘Shakti-Astitwa Ke Ehsaas Ki’, Simba Nagpal feels that it is an important practice that leads to a healthy and sustainable life – cooking for herself. “It’s easier said than done, but being able to cook your own food has tremendous benefits. Nowadays, when one is constantly chasing time, we often do the work of eating fast food to make it inevitable and to quench hunger. This is where people go wrong. I learned to cook a little and its fun. I think vegetable rice is the easiest and healthiest dish, ”says the actor

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What are your favorite foods?