Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th December 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Karthik and Naira approaching Manish and apologizing. Karthik says that Samarth and Akhilesh respect and love you. Naira says Gayu and Surekha respect you too. Karthik says that children want to live together, then think. Naira says there will be a quarrel in the family. Kartik says we fight against those we love. They say you can punish us, but we don’t want to split up, let’s call them, if they tell you you agree. Manish says no and walks away.

Naira hugs Kartik and cries. He stumbles down the stairs. The kid calls everyone for the Christmas party. Everyone asks if Kairav ​​didn’t like the decoration. Kartik says its at its best. Krishna says we are all giving gifts. Thanks to Naira Wansch for this honor. She asks what gift I can give you now. I have already read the book that you gifted me, Wansh says I too will become a boy and recover. Kartik says the children’s gift is beautiful. Naira says we all have a gift for you. Kartik says Urs is normal.

He is an A.V. Manish didn’t tell me anything, everything can be sorted, the Dadi says how they divide the mother. She cries and asks who Mum is with, all the relationships end. Naira says we didn’t think about it. If you are in this condition, ask your mother-in-law what she wants. Naira says this will not happen with anyone.

Gayu speaks with Karthik. I didn’t think about the section, I wasn’t happy, if my kids ask for the section, I want it, Gayu says I don’t want this section. Manish is upset and silent at all times, Naira, I have always supported her, but not this time, I cannot stay away from Gayu and Surekha, I have a strong relationship with Surekha and her children, Manish separated from her brothers, and mothers of children.

Akhilesh says relationships do not change, you and Kirti came into my life before Mansi, Lau and Kush, you all separated, I wanted Manish to change his decision, I had a complaint many years ago, he cannot forgive me. I stand with him like Lakshmana. Naira asks Surekha what she wants. Surekha says I need the support of my children, Love and Kush said they will never leave this house even though Manish is evicted, Manish decides now.

Naira asks Manish what his decision is now. I am happy to say you are wrong this time, ”says Karthik. Naira says everyone wants a family, but not money. Akhilesh asks if you want to get rid of us. Guy asks when did I hear the house split. I never said so, the Dadi says you should leave me in ish shikesh. Manish I’m sorry, I’m a senior, but I did something with a small mindset, you are all younger than me, but I opened my eyes, there is a difference between anger and hatred, thank you for supporting me, I hope you will always support me.

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