Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav says mum and dad didn’t come

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav says mum and dad didn’t come

Kartik says that people buy jewelry during the festival, I worked in marketing and sales. She asks him to work, work is everything. They say there are no wives that people understand. They say you got it easy. When they heard me, I came upon a camel. Children laugh at this. Krrish asks why you didn’t go on horseback.

Kairav ​​asks if you don’t know horseback riding. Kartik says I know dinosaur riding, I missed the opportunity. Call it an opportunity, ”says Krishna. Kairao says come on horseback to take Mumma. Karthik says this will not happen. Don’t expect this to be a coward, Naira says. Kairav ​​says Karthik is married to a lioness.

Kartik says you are ready to be a bride, so its decision, I will get on horseback today to break your fast, I am serious. Naira asks seriously? They say yes. They say there is no need, just focus on the work. They say I will finish the job. She says please, you are not going to get any horse or donkey. They say you started it, I will end it. He says the frog will always be the frog. They say I will marry a lioness, Mrs. Naira, I will be on horseback today.

Krish plays music for Naksh and fame. They say I made the cake for you. Everyone laughs. Bhabhima says that Krish taught me, happy carvachaut. Nax and Keerthi clapped. Krish sings. Cut the cake of naksha and fame and feed it to Krish, and to each other. Krrish hugs him and says its special day. Devayani says that Naira invited us there, he said there was a surprise. Kartik now says Mission Horse begins.

They call the A1 band and they say I want a horse. The man says all the horses are reserved. Karthik calls other bands and asks for a horse. The man asks if the camel works. Keep it to yourself, ”says Karthik. He tries another band and asks the man to take his booking. Naira laughs and says poor frog… what now… he says I have more time, you make make up and shake. They say you are shaken, you can’t say anything now. She’s gone.

He says this time, I will not let my shame happen, I will get on a horse. Kairav ​​comes to call Naira. Naira turned and smiled. Kairav ​​says hey… .. Karthik says you are totally Kartik’s son. They say you look so pretty. He applies a black dot to her. He says Karthik should not faint when he sees you. She asks how did you learn this. He says I’m not young, Kartik went ready, maybe he went to get some surprise. She remembers Karthik’s words.

Kartik sees some people dancing. He goes to the man and asks how long. The man says you can’t put the groom down and give you a cart, where is your baraat. Kartik says I am married, I need a cart for Carvachaut. What does a man ask, no one has made such a booking before, what do you do.

Kartik’s children and Naira have challenged me, why are you asking, I’m giving you real money for a fake horse, you are making me wait. Suvarna says that Naira has come. The nurse asks where Kartik is. Kairav ​​says Karthik did not come. Manish says he probably went to the office. Kairav ​​says Naira has gone to surprise him. Naira calls Kartik. Kartik attends the call. I know you went to get a horse, come back soon, I don’t want a horse.

They say no, it’s about my respect. She says I’m sorry frog, it’s coming from me. I am so serious now that I make Carvachaut Kaira special, I got a horse, ”he says. She really listens. He’s not a horse, yes, but … you like it. I love you frog, I want you, come back soon. He jokes and asks her to control him. I’m on the highway, there’s wedding halls here, I think the horse is ready, get ready. He ends the call.

The groom asks if the girl’s father refused to pay, the girl’s father attacked, and the marriage did not? His father says the girl ran away. The groom argues. Kartik scolds him. The groom asks who you are to talk to. I paid to get the horse

Karthik says that. The groom and his barat leave. Kartik says its good. The man asks what I will do if the groom comes back. Kartik let him sit on the donkey, no matter how cheap, he was asking for a dowry. He takes the cart. The man asks where do I get this from. Kartik says I leave it to the store in the morning.

The man asks what will I answer the groom. The groom asks where the cart is, and the man, I think he ran off with my bride. His father says yes, we go to the police station and complain. The vehicle stops. Kartik looks sad. The nurse asks where Kartik is, call him Naira.

Naira says I asked Karthik to come quickly. Kairav ​​asks if his car has broken down. She says she doesn’t know. Kartik scolds horses. He searches for the engine. He gets a call from Naira. He asks if you are fine. He says yes, the horse is dead. They ask what the horse is and how. I mean the horse is broken and broken. She asks how the horse can break down. He asks her for relief. Kairav ​​asks what the problem is. Kartik says his engine horse.

Naira asks seriously, leave it and come home. Kartik says I don’t have a car with me. She says the moon is coming out, the nurse said we should end the worship soon. Kartik says I will come running, its the thing

6-7 km She says no, how do you get the energy, send me the place, I’m coming. Kairav ​​asks if you will go. Naira says yes. Kartik asks the horses please start, I hope whoever sits on these horses will not be united with the mate. Naira says I should go to Karthik and come back soon. She plans to go by auto, and will know everything if she gets in the car. Inspector I understand, the bride fled, I find out. The inspector stops the auto and asks about the bride. The man describes the bride.

Inspector tell the groom to get ready, I got the bride. He looks at Naira. The groom says we will find that person too. Inspector stops Auto. Naira says I should go, I don’t have time. The inspector asks where you are going. Naira says I should reach out to my husband. The inspector argues. Naira says you were mistaken. The inspector asks her to show her ID. Naira says I didn’t get it. They say you are a runaway bride. What is she asking for?

Precap:Kairav ​​says mum and dad didn’t come. Naira Karthik comes home. Everyone worries for Karthik.