Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th December 2020 Written Episode UpdateThe episode begins with Karthik speaking of the sky…. Come on Niara. Naira takes Kairav ​​with her. They see the pink sky. The rainbow appears. They all hug. Ridhima looks up. Kairav ​​takes Aksu. They smile. Naira thanks Ganga Mayya.

Kairav ​​says you will stay here. Naira says yes, it was the best moment of my life. Kartik jokes. Naira says I want you to live for 100 years and bring happiness every day. Kairav ​​come with me, how we greet them, we have not decorated the house. Kartik is right. Kairav ​​show her garden, Ridhima and I go, come 10 minutes later. Kartik is fine, we are here. Riddhima and Kairav ​​go.

Kartik embraced Naira. Oh More Sion…. Plays … Pare Mohan asks the secretary to see the prairies. Ridhima stares at Kairav. I told you about their relationship, they meet in the elevator, on the terrace and on the stars, says Pare Mohan. Secretary is what it is, decent people live here. Kartik you hear what you said, love drama, you call our pure relationship drama. Naira says you called it Affair.

If I love my wife and daughter, I’m not polite. Yes, we are married. Check in your register, ”says Karthik. They show a wedding picture. They say don’t dare to spy on us. Pare Mohan asks why the flats are different. Kartik says its our personal business. He goes with Naira. Naira says they are thinking now. He says we cannot tell the truth, it will be a problem if Kairav ​​learns it.

They say don’t worry, you are waiting all this time. They say you are also longing for Aksu. They say it for you. Nax Naira, Karthik and Kairav ​​get their picture. They thank the Lord and dances. Everyone will see. Kirti asks if you got a lottery. Everybody listens to him. I made a new recipe, got a review of it, Nax says people like it. Keith asks what, wow, tell me about it. Nax says I will do it for all of you.

Kairav ​​Naira and Aksu welcome home. He gets arati plate. He says that we were welcomed in this way at the Udaipur home. He makes Naira Aarti. Kartik says I also welcome home my wife and daughter. Dylan K Mohalle… .prayers… ..they laugh at the decorations. Naira asks Ridhima to come. Kairav ​​says no, now family. Karthik says we will be back in just 2 minutes. Riddhima leaves.

Congratulations Naira, I wish I could share this joy, you won another war, please come back soon. He turns and looks at Gaya. Gayu goes on. Naira smiles at her painting. They say its beautiful, thank you, it’s getting better for me today. When I get angry, I tear up our painting, and they say sorry for that. She’s right. He says that you have made love by painting, just the way you expressed anger, your right to express it, but do not turn away from me. They say don’t go too. I ask where I’m going, I don’t go.

They tell me too. Kartik comes and says that I think there is no place. They call him jealous. They say we are lost without you. They say I won’t let the powerhouse go down. They hug. Kairav ​​says I thought of something. He gets some mud. Says Kartik Wow. She says I can do the good I got for you.

They say I am selfish, when I leave your hand, I am mad and I hold your hand, I know if we are together, then everything is okay, otherwise nothing is good. Rahatin… .prayers…. They leave hand impressions on the clay frame. They eliminate bad eyesight. Akshay does that too. They laugh. Naira says the Dadi was very happy to be here. Kartik says our family will be together soon.

Ridhima cries as she remembers Kairav. She looks at the medical file. The elders are sorry, we cannot be ignored, we have complaints, the parents said you are personally involved, you are a good doctor, but after Arjun left, this is happening, we need to cancel your license. FB ends. Ridhima snapped newspapers hearing Naira’s voice. She looks at Kartik and Naira. She picked up the papers. Naira looks up. Kartik asks what happened, why you left.

Naira says we are late, sorry. Ridhima says it took me a while. They say we have come to invite you, Kairav ​​thank you very well, we must celebrate, will you come. Riddhima says yes, I will come. They leave. The Dadi asks why she is crying now, someone asks her out. Gayu asked me directly, I heard Naksh talking to Naira, she is happy there, she is saying that everyone is missing her, I am unmarried, why am I married here, my children are paying for my mistake.

She cries and goes. Nax says the Lord show me a way to keep both sisters happy and together. Kairav ​​asks why 5 candles, we 4. Karthik and Naira argue. Naira says sorry, I didn’t realize it, I will remove it now. Riddhima came and laughed, thinking it was my Arjun. Naira thinks there is some reason behind her laugh.

Precape: Kairav ​​says your Kachori and Aai Kachori are the same. Ridhima says that Naira and Ai are the same, they will send you food, stay in the upstairs flat of Naira, Aksu and Sudha. They are shocked.

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