Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav says sorry mumma, I had lied

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav says sorry mumma, I had lied

The principal said that I was shocked to see a gun in the little boy’s hand. Naira remembers Karthik’s words. I thought the Principal got it somewhere, he said he got it in a dust bin. Kartik means it was at gun school, that’s how it got here. He asked Kairav ​​why there were bullets in it and someone might have died.

Kairav ​​says sorry, I thought this was a toy gun as you got to Diwali. Naira looks at the boys outside. She asks how did you see the gun, the Dustbins are not covered here? Have you seen someone throw a gun into a tank? Don’t worry, tell me, Mum is there. Daddy said thank you, nothing happened to the children. Surekha and golden worries.

Akhilesh says Kairav ​​may have caught the watchful sun. Manish says no, Kairav ​​is sensitive, if we learn to think like that, he will suffer. They say we are waiting for Kartik and Naira, they can tell the truth. Naira tells Kairav ​​to tell. Kartik says he is terrified we will talk at home. Principal yes, he was terrified by our reactions, the matter was subtle, so we brought you here, what a beautiful child, I hear praise for him, he is number 1 in everything, you should be very proud.

At home, Naira says we got scared when the teacher called. Kartik says that if anyone is hurt by a bullet, you know the danger. Naira asks Wansh why Krish did not explain why. Samarth says Wansh took the gun and asked to look cool. The nanny says enough, the kids are tense, leave it at that. Manish says that Naksh and Keerthi will explain about Krrish there.

Suvarna says that the Lord has saved us from bad events. We explained to him that nothing should be touched, he took the gun in his hand, and Naira says why. Kairav ​​and Vansh say sorry. We promise, we will not do this again, ”says Kairav. Kartik Forget it now, think about the praises of the Principal, how beautiful Kairav ​​is, and he is. Kairav ​​and Vansh go. Naira cries.

Kartik says calm down, don’t cry, look at what you’re worried about. I’m in a tension, I can’t be at peace, Aksu’s incident and then this thing, I’m a mother, I can’t be at peace, you know how I endure, children are my world. Kairav ​​says I got an E grade. The teacher asks why you need a parent’s signature, the teacher calls them and you scold. Kairav ​​says yes, he is already upset with me. Naira says Kairav ​​is scared, saying online school is better. We must end their fears, ”says Karthik.

She says Gay and I go to the market today. Wansh hides the report in the book when she sees it coming. Kairav ​​lies on the bed. Vanash takes care of him. Kartik and Naira ask what happened. Wansch says he has stomach pains. Naira says you don’t have food. Kairav ​​says I am in pain. She says I write the note, the diary is in the bag, okay, give it to the Kairav ​​teacher. She gets a diary. The book falls off. She picked it up. She looks at the report. She is an E grade….

Kartik asks what happened. He says that Kairav ​​got an E grade in science test paper. Kartik asks why and why he hid it. She asks if this is a stomach ache because of school. Cried Kairav. Kartik asks why are you crying, we are not yelling at you, you promised to tell us everything. Naira says it’s really wrong. Dadi comes with Manish and asks why are you scolding him. Naira says she’s got an E grade, and she’s sorry for not going to school. The nurse laughs and shows the paper to Manish.

Manish says Kairav ​​has done well to preserve our family tradition. Kartik asks what are you saying. The nurse says that every child in this house has got this result, Manish, Akhilesh, Lau Kush and you are Kartik. Manish says children need to know that their elders have done the same. Nanny says next time you can do better. Manish joke and cute Kairav. She says we go to the gold and trouble her. They say we have some sweets. He takes Kairav. Vansh also runs. Karthik smiled. Naira looks up.

Kartik jokes. She is lost in thoughts. He asks her to tell him what happened, let Kairav ​​go, for the first time he got bad points. They say I’m not worried about numbers

Why, he hid it from us. They say I was doing this too. He says Kairav ​​and I are best friends. He has changed nothing, he is upset and has no food, you can explain him today, I promise, he will not do this again. Everyone took it for granted, somebody should scold him, he’s not like that now. He asks if we have ruined him, you tell him what to do. I didn’t say it, try to understand, she says he can hide anything.

He wouldn’t hide it if you said…. Nothing. She asks what. If he is not afraid of you, I have seen him, the principal did not doubt him, he says you have questioned him. She tells you that I am not worried for you. He says, don’t give him the impulse, he’s going to cry. She’s sorry, I didn’t realize, I got strange thoughts, I’m strict, because you are all soft, it’s wrong, we must be strict. Kairav ​​looks up.

As Kartik says, supporting him, protecting him, leaving him free, does not put pressure on him. Kairav ​​goes angrily. He thinks Karthik will always support me,

He kicks football. She says it’s school time… Karthik’s over, its good, the mountain didn’t break, you don’t hunt the rabbit now, okay. She asks the rabbit, what happened to the frog. He says there is no rain, so the rabbit… he flies like a rabbit. The son went over to his father, the drama king, thanks Karthik, Naira says you will always get a smile on my face. Karthik and Vansh come to Kairav. Kartik asks Kairav ​​to have fun and exercise. They play. Kartik asks where the champion is. Vansh says he’s there. I think Karthik is a sad emoji. He asks Kairav ​​to come and play with him.

He plays basketball with Kairav. Comes with Naira. She tells you what fun to play without challenge, let alone have a match. Kartik says let it be. She says yes, it’s easy to beat you, not me. Kartik You won a match many years ago and you are now saying, decide who wins. Naira says Kairav ​​is on my team. Karshik says Vansh is on my team. Kairav ​​remembers her words. She asks Kairav ​​to come. He says I don’t want to play with you. He goes. She looks up.

Precape: Kairav ​​Sorry mamma, I lied. Gayu comes and scolds Naira. Love is not just a pamphlet, as she says, you must blame him. Naira cries.