Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Ridhima says he threw me out of Kairav’s life

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Ridhima says he threw me out of Kairav’s life

The episode begins with the introduction of Kairav ​​Ridhima. Naira says Karthik first met us. Riddhima says I got Kairav’s fav cake. Kairav ​​made my fav cake momma, I love a delicious jelly cake, she says it was the best. Riddhima looks sad. Naira asks to try the cake first. Kartik says we both cut cakes.

Kairav ​​says first, Mom’s cake. Kartik says sorry Ridhima, Kairav ​​is excited and has forgotten me too, the children are like, you know, you are a mum and a counselor yes. Kairav, Karthik and Naira cut the cake and smile. Naira eats Ridhima’s chocolate cake. Lau and Kush say we should think about our line as well.

Surekha says what to think, start office tomorrow. We’re not interested in the jewelry line, but the hospitality as a restaurant. Surekha says its good, you can do whatever you want. Kush says we will take guidance from Nax and then decide. She says its good. Manish says its the best thing, you have chosen the right person for your career, he is perfect. Lau thanks them.

They will go. Manish says what we think and what happened, they deal with Karthik and then we thought we would retire, but Karthik and Naira left the house, I think they kept the family together, everything separated. Surekha says Guy is right, I don’t tolerate it now.

Karthik says it is very good, I love cake, Riddhima. Riddhima smiled. Kairav ​​We take the cake to Ai and tell her that Mum has come, she does not need to cook for us. Karthik is fine, she is not at home, we will meet her when she arrives. I love her so much, I didn’t see her, she makes delicious food, we meet her, “says Kairav. Kairav ​​takes Aksu. Ridhima says your case is successful, there are sweets. Kartik says you can take any other case now, better for Kairav. Riddhima says to put down the tray and say sorry. Kartik says its OK, its a cake, not a case.

Manish asks Naksh what he sees. He sees a picture of Kartik, Naira and Kairav. They say its strange, they look like they met a long time later. Nax says no, he sent a similar selfie to Dadi earlier. Manish Yes, I came to talk about Lau and Kush, they want your guidance. Nax says I’m there to help. Karthik is not here and Naksh will handle it quickly, Akhilesh says our children are very good. They say that Lau and Kush are our children. She argues with him. He goes.

Karthik come and ask. May I help you, Aksu is sleeping, Kairav ​​is with Ridhima. He flirts with Naira. She asks him to knead the dough. Din Rath Tuje… ..Place…. He kneads the dough. They have a moment. She cries with joy. She says I didn’t say anything when you were sad because of Kairav, I don’t see tears in your eyes anymore, smile now, otherwise my life … she stops him. He hugs her. Ridhima looks up. FB shows her husband screaming at her and says I will make your life hell, then you cry all life. FB ends.

Kairav ​​asks Naira to come along. Karthik hands Swach ans. Riddhima cries. Kartik says I will ask if I take Radhima juice. He goes to give her a glass of juice. She cries and hugs. Naira looks on in shock. They say I am your friend, you can tell me, what happened, everything is fine. Sudha asks if you have no shame to hug someone else’s husband. She asks Naira to say something, this doctor was treating the son and reached out to his father.

Ridhima says sorry Naira, seeing Kairav ​​made me feel great. Don’t trust her, she looks smarter, keep an eye on her. Naira .They say that. Ridhima asks if you are upset. Naira says let it go. Riddhima goes on. Kartik says she was crying, I tried to listen. Naira says relax. He says I don’t want to misunderstand myself. They say I’m not mistaken. Kairav ​​calls him out.

Surekha says that on her first day at Lau and Kush’s office, I had to do something special for them. She enjoys eating Nax lunch, and Lau and Kush work. She says he made my children slaves. She gives Tiffin to Peon and leaves. I finished lunch, you go, eat, come back and work. Lau says we know we will learn and enjoy if we work with you. Kairav ​​You stay in our building, I saw you, you had a baby in your house. Kartik says she is Sia, she is everyone’s favor, this is Sudha Moussi, she works at Ai’s house. All rights reserved. Kartik is great, Kairav ​​noodles. Kairav ​​says that noodles are a challenge. Kartik and Naira say okay. They eat noodles. Ridhima looks up. Kairav ​​says I won.

Karthik Kairav ​​Rockstar, says we have a picture. Kairav ​​No, our family picture, Riddhima you can click on the picture. Kartik Yes Ridhima says, click our picture. Hold Kacho in Kaichov’s hand, we send the picture to Dadu and Dadi, say Kachori. Ridhima clicks the picture. Kairav ​​eats Kachoris and says, Mamma, your Kachoris and Aai Kachori are the same. Ridhima says that Naira and Ai are one, she sends these kachari and your fave food, mum and Aksu stay in the top floor flat, Sudha is also there. Karthik, Naira, Kairav ​​and Sudha are shocked.

Precape: Ridhima says he threw me out of Kairav’s life, I will not let this happen. She shouted. Naira gets the file. She doesn’t see Kairav. She says Kairav ​​is not here, she took my son. Karthik and Naira shout as Kairav… ..

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