Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 October 2020 Written Update Full Episode : Manish cheers up Kairav

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The episode begins with Kartik saying that if we do not give her a name, people will call her by her other name, she will have pity or hate, everything will change if our surname is connected to our name. As Gaya and Kirti love me, Naira says it is good to have older sisters that Krishna loves you with.

Kartik says you trusted Naira, okay, she stayed away with Kairav, she made us respect her, she can’t do it again, we can try too, Kairav ​​is our blood, my life, Krishna is also related to us, at least humanity, if you are hurt, sorry . He walks into the house.

Naira says Kairav, we have not done this on purpose, some things are not according to us. Kartik comes and sees them. Kairav ​​sleeps. Naira says everything will be fine. They say I walk this path with no one to support. They say that we are there for each other, that Kairav ​​will one day understand and be proud of us.

Akhilesh asks if Kartik is not convincing you. Manish no, the right that we should help people, I have seen the same anger in Kairav’s eyes like Karthik, so I am scared, I will not let my son do anything against his son.

Go and fight Kartik. Krish plays guitar. He asks Nax to sing. Sung by Naksh. Krish says please stop. Naksh laughed. His daydream ends. He is sitting there crying and thinking about Krrish. Devayani and Bhabima come and console him. Nax calls fame. She is busy and does not see the call. Manish gets a call on the landline.

Nax asks if I can talk to Krish. No Manish, he’s playing with Kairav ​​and Vansh, his mood is getting better now, then call. Nax asks how can they disconnect the call, I will not let Krrish go away from me. Kairav ​​wakes up and sees Kartik and Naira lying on the edge of the bed. He makes them sleep well. He looks at the baby in a coat and greets in the morning. They say not to cry. He gets toys and dances.

Karthik and Naira look up. Kairav ​​greets them. Naira says you are a good brother. Kartik says very good son, you did not let us bother. Amma had told me that the child would suffer, Kairav ​​says I know. Kartik asks if you are still upset with me. Kairav ​​says I should go. Naira asks if you got the answer. Kartik says yes, I cannot see him like this. Naira says her Navratri today, I’m sure everything will be fine.

Krishna comes to show something. Wansh goes to Kairav. Kairav ​​shows Chunri and says its amazing, I offer this in worship. Krishna says Kairav ​​did not see, I did this chunri to the child. Everybody prays. Wansh asks if I should take Vatsal. No Samarth, your hands are dirty. Gayu argues with Samarth.

She tells him never to take Watsal, you stop feeding Wansh. Seeing Samarth’s weight, I stop him from junk food. Kartik and Naira pray. The nurse says this time, how well we serve Mata she brings happiness and avoids all misery. Niara and Kirti Light Dia. Naira says something happened between Naira and you… Keerthi says I don’t want to talk about this. Kairav ​​asks the nurse when to prepare the baby.

The nurse says soon, there is something. They say yes. She says yes. Krishna says I have done chunri to my sister. Kairav ​​keeps his chunri. Golden says its good. Krishna goes to decorate the baby with Chunri. Kairav ​​stops Krishna and throws Chunri. He goes. The nurse scolds Kartik and Naira. Cried Kairav. Krish and Vamsh ask not to worry about Krishna. Kairav ​​says I don’t like sharing my parents.

Krrish says I have one parent. Kairav ​​says I know I am lucky, but no Krishna, she did not see her parents, I can share anything but not my parents. Karthik and Naira see Kairav ​​and Krishna crying. Naira says Devi Mayya will help us, we should think, I have a idea. Krish says your mum and you love her very much. Manish plays guitar and Papa Kehte Hai sings…. Of Krishna

Manish asks if Kairav is upset with you. Karthik and Naira play the role of Sri Krishna.