Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Kairav ​​saying I did nothing, don’t call the police. Doctors say keep him happy, no matter what the problem is, his condition should improve. Naira thinks of Karthik’s words. She cries and walks out of the room. Karthik looks up. Naira prays in the temple. Kartik came and said that you had put Diya in the storm and now you are testing it, I told you to trust our son.

She lets me talk to him once, she says I will fix everything. Says no. She tells me I did everything for him. He doesn’t say anything like that, Kairav ​​stays away from you until the shock comes out. Golden arrives and says the doctor is calling to talk about something urgent. Kartik stops Naira. Naira cries. Bhabima cries and I wish the misunderstanding should end soon.

Nax says this will end soon, Naira always tries to reach the truth. Bhabima says that Gayu and Naira have always had conflicts, first with their love and marriage, and now with their children, fate makes them stand against each other. Nax says it will be sorted out, they love each other so much, that’s why they are able to stay in the same house after so many problems, it happens, don’t worry. They say I want to, otherwise the family will break up easily. He asks her to rest, all is well.

Manish asks how indifferent we are. The nurse says the children left Aarti and their moms did not know. Manish says this was also the case with the gun incident. Kartik says Kairav ​​did nothing. The nanny probably says. Manish says that she confessed that he pushed Kairav ​​Wansh, she did not think what he thought.

Suvarna says mum knows child improvement, she can do anything to save her child, she wants to know the truth. Everyone has a definition of good, this is not the time to argue, we need to look at Kairav’s mental state, says Manish. Karthik cries for Kairav.

He gets a painting of Naira under the pillow. Naira says I made muffins, I don’t know if they have it or not. Gayu comes. Nax comes home and sees them. Gayu cries and hugs. I sent Wansch’s reports to all the experts, don’t worry, he says. She thanks him. They say your baby is like our baby too, Keith and Kris Wansch came to meet him. Gayu says Wansh has fallen asleep after taking the Au shadows. He says okay, we wait and meet when he wakes up. Yeh Rishta… .prayers…. Naira cries. Naksh goes to her. Gayu runs away.

Nax hugs Naira and cries. Don’t lose heart, they say everything will be fine. They say I won’t tolerate it now. They say be patient. She says I hurt Kairav, I mean, even then I put him in the same position, he did nothing, I didn’t listen, Kartik was right. They say you are not even wrong. Kairav ​​is scared of me, she tells him that he got away from me. He says you need to find opportunities, create such opportunities to get him back. She is right, I can still love Kairav ​​and trust me.

He said yes, no relationship is perishable, every relationship is an opportunity, first win Kairav’s battle and then Gayu’s mission, I pray you win, whom I will meet first, Kairav ​​or Wansh. She says to somebody, I made these muffins for them. They say go and give, they will give you trouble as before. She cries and asks when this day will come. He asks her to go to the children.

Manish says this is what happened. Suvarna says Diwali is dark this time. Comes with Karthik. Manish emailed me Vansh’s file and says we will take a second opinion. They offer two projects to manage. Kartik says he is dealing with it, he can feel bad. Manish says I am bad, I am a senior. Gayu looks away.

Manish says at this point, his family needs him more, and if Samarth doesn’t care about Wansh, Gayu feels bad, the priority should be the family, I’ll explain it to Samarth. Kartik says you are saying this. I know Manish, the situation was different before, Gayu is suffering from Vanessa, he needs Samarth.

Suvarna says yes, maybe Gayu and Samarth’s understanding will get better. Karthik is fine, tell Samarth that I am dealing with this temporarily, when Wansh does, everything belongs to him. Naira came to Kairav ​​and cried. I won’t stop trying, we’ll be best friends again, see. Kairav ​​opens his eyes. She quickly disguises herself. He says Mamma is here, and if she comes, she’ll say I pushed Wunsh, I don’t talk to her, I didn’t push Wunsh on her, she said she didn’t believe me.

He looks at the muffins and says that Mamma does it, which means she’s come, no, I don’t want to meet her. He shouts to Karthik. Naira cries and says its war, I’m lost, don’t know what’s going to happen in case of Guyu.

Precape: Kartik Gayu says, injustice will happen with you all here, well, we will not stay here, Naira, Kairav, Aksu and I will leave this house. Everybody is shocked.