Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th October 2020 Written Update Happy ending moment

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyar K17 October 2020 Written Renewal End of End Moment In the last episode, we finally see some romantic moments between Kunal and Kuhu. Kunal tells Kuhu that he will name the child Kunal. She disagrees. He always says no to hassle. She compliments his cute look. She finds him perfect. Abir and Mishti also think of the baby’s name. Mishti tells the child that Abir is as stubborn as Meenakshi. Abir sends Mishti away and spends time talking to his son. He wants his child to do his wishes.

He thinks Abir 2 is a good name. Abir snapped again, seeing that Mishti’s look was stunning. Mishti surprises him with his traditional look. Abir feels helpless to look at her beauty and be poetic. They end in a romantic moment. The family celebrates Dandia night. Meenakshi and Parul are very happy to see the baby. Abir and Mishti are really happy to be parents. Meenakshi wanted to see this happiness in his face.

She endured his embarrassment for his pleasure. Mishti prays that Abir and Meenakshi end their differences. Abir suggests Kabir as a name. Kuhu denies many names. Kuhu tells Abir that Meenakshi has received a gift for the child. Mishti loves the gift. Abir Meenakshi does not respond. Mishti cheers up Meenakshi. The family gets into a swinging mood. Abir doesn’t want to dance.

Kuhu persuades Abir, Mishti and Meenakshi to dance. Meenakshi finds bulbs falling on the cradle. She tries to warn Mishti. Mishti gets busy on her phone. Meenakshi succeeds in saving Mishti and the child. She gets hurt in the attempt. Abir’s heart melts as she looks at her wounded. He calls the doctor. Meenakshi is treated for his injury. Mishti Abir wants to see Meenakshi.

Meenakshi wants to see Mishti and baby. She has saved them. Abir does not meet her. He thinks Meenakshi planned the event. He doesn’t want to believe her. Parul and Kunal ask Abir to trust Meenakshi. Abir is afraid that she will again break her faith. He wants to be alone. Mishti tells Abir to forget the past and move on. She wants him to face the truth, he is the son of Meenakshi and she will never let him go away.

She wants him to think of her as a parent, if not a son. She tells him that he should leave his anger and reunite with his mum. Mishti tells him that Meenakshi always supports her, forgetting their problems. She asks him for the good side of Meenakshi. Apologies to the Meenakshi family for always doing wrong. She thinks Abir doesn’t want to come to her. Abir checks Meenakshi’s health without informing her. The whole family wants to know if the baby gold chain has arrived. Kunal tells them that they got a gold chain along with their cool I.

The family is happy to be reunited with me. I welcome the latest members of the family. He wants a baby to be a cool bro. The family will miss him a lot. Meenakshi reunites with her father. She feels she needs her support to sort out the issues with Abir. I congratulate her for being a grandmother. He claims that Kuhu has the first claim on the child. Kunal presents the gold chain to the child. Kuhu suggests the Amish name by joining the names of Abir and Mishti. Everyone likes the name. Abir suspected that Kuhu had taken advice from Meenakshi.

He wants Meenakshi to be named if the child has chosen a name. Meenakshi has admitted that the child has been named Amish. Abir gives his grandson the right to name it. Meenakshi is glad that Abir has forgiven her. Meenakshi named the child Amish, which means honest. She wants to be an Amish Abir. She apologizes to Abir. Abir also apologizes for breaking their barriers. The family finally has a moment of union. Abir, Kunal and I make a gang of friends with Meenakshi Amish and her Bahuas like their bro team. The family shares smiles.