Aunt’s thief’s relationship with son-in-law killed husband

– The corpse hangs in a neighbor’s house
Her mother-in-law has left her with her infatuation
The youngest son who told a false story

Patna / Vaishali: An incident of murder of a woman and her son-in-law by a man who had interrupted an illicit affair has taken place at Murravatapura in Desri Station, Vaishali district.

50 year old Tilak Roy murdered. Tilak’s wife Savitha has an illicit affair with brother-in-law Mohan Roy. Tilak also warned his wife to stay away from son-in-law Mohan. Savita and Mohan beat her husband in the night. Do not be suspicious of them. The case comes to light when villagers see the corpse in the morning.

Upon learning of the matter, the police had registered a case. At this time, Savitha’s youngest son and father used to come and drink every day. The father who had been drunk last night had assaulted us and left the house. He said he could have been hanged. ALSO READ: Son-in-law with Sousa – son who barbarically killed both men

Tilak’s brother, who was suspected of finding marks on the corpse, had gone to the police station and lodged a complaint against his sister-in-law Mohan and son. The case came to light when three suspects were arrested on suspicion. Also Read: 10 Thing Baby Sons Escape With Mother-In-Law

Savitana has admitted to having an illicit affair with her son-in-law Mohan. Mohan Roy, a resident of Samastipur due to his aunt’s infatuation, remained in Murravpur. Knowing of the two of them, Tilak was drunk and upset. ALSO READ: Sousseon’s forbidden father-in-law from having sex with his son


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