Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Aranthangi Nisha talks with Ramya Pandian

In this he won the Som Ticket to Finale task and was removed from the nomination and went straight to the final. Kamal announced that Aari will be saving at a show last Saturday.

Accordingly, Aari became the second contestant to reach the final. While Aari has countless fans, Aari thanked the fans who voted for him. Following this, Kamal telecast a video of Aari and Balaji sitting together and talking as friends. Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Somu Wins Yet Another Task

In it Balaji said to Aari that I will call you if you need any advice even if I go from Big Boss. Kamal Haasan also praised the fact that they are currently talking to each other in a good way.

When Kamal announced that Balaji was the third contestant to go to the final in the Sunday episode, Balaji passionately hit the ground and thanked everyone in tears. It was later announced that Rio would be saved. Following this, Kamal asked everyone to tell him what he wanted to do after Big Boss left the house. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Balaji gets emotional after Shivani Narayanan’s eviction

Then Ramya said that she should do body massage first. Aari said she wants her daughter to spend time with family. And Balaji said ‘I think I can buy land and farm when I get out of the Big Boss’.

Rio said he wanted to go to a forest after spending time with the family and that Som wanted to take his pet dog for a walk after seeing his mom. Finally Shivani says that Ramya will be saved while Ramya and KP are there and Shivani will be expelled. Shivani left as the eye was thus disturbed. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Shivani evicted, No more playing with six people

While Shivani played well throughout the last week, his exit came as a shock to everyone. And when Shivani went outside, the other contestants led the way by singing the lioness song.

In this situation, it seems that Nisha, Rekha, Archana and Jithan Ramesh have returned as the contestants who left the Big Boss house earlier today in the first promo released today. In the second promo that is currently being released, everyone is dancing enthusiastically together to the song Vathi Kumming. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Nisha, Ramya conversation in today promo

Everyone is excited to forget the fights and conflicts. Then Nisha, Ramya and Archana are standing and talking. Then Nisha, is everything you fought for a script? Can you come and eat? That says everything was heard outside. Then who told Ramya what all this is? The scenes I say are featured.

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