China, China criticized Xi Jinping, punished by tensions over border

China’s ruling Communist Party has expelled a staunch critic of President Xi Jinping. This critic has accused Xi of inciting conflict with other countries, including India, to divert the attention of the Chinese people from domestic economic and social tensions.

The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported on Monday that the Communist Party of China (CPC) punished former Central Party School professor Ca Xia for his speech that “harmed the country’s reputation”. Quoting a notice on the school website, the report said that 68-year-old Cai was sentenced because he gave a speech about “serious political problems”. The notice stated that his speeches were of “exceptionally executable nature”, and severely violated the political discipline of the party.

Cai told the Post that she was safe and sound in the United States. In an interview to the UK’s Guardian newspaper in June, Cai said Xi was inciting conflict between China and India and further strengthening his position and authority to promote anti-American sentiment.

Asked what is the benefit in making China the enemy of the world and why Xi will provoke the conflict. Cai said, “There are many factors. Among them is that it wants to strengthen its position and authority in China. He said that he is thinking of ways to divert the attention of Chinese people due to domestic economic and social tensions. For this, they are inciting conflict with other countries. for example-

Encouraging anti-American sentiment, recent confrontation between China and India. He criticized Xi on a range of issues, including constitutional amendments to remove the two-term limit for a lifetime term as president, privacy related to corona virus casualties and allegations of no preparedness to curb the virus. Huh.

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