DK Shivakumar: It’s not over.


  • I have done nothing wrong
  • The attack came after the state government gave permission
  • CBI officials are somewhat professional: Dikeshi

Bangalore: This is the first time KPCC President DK Krishna has responded after the CBI attack. Shivakumar thanked his supporters. He also thanked all the activists who supported him during the CBI attack.

Dikeshi, who is indebted to your goodwill, said that goodwill cannot be priced. “I want to bow down to you and bow down.”

There was an IT attack during the Gujarat elections in 2017. Referring to the old inquiries into the ED case hoax arrest in 2018, Dikshi said the CBI probe should not be advocated by the state government. In the wake of this attack. Dikeshi predicted that this was not over.

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“In the last 30 years of politics, there has been no investigation. No one has been able to prove me as corrupt,” said Dikeshi. The authorities listen as the government says. Dikeshi also praised CBI officials for being somewhat professional.

50 lakh has been reported. I’m not going to shake my head. The officers who carried out the raid were all accounted for. Pants, punches, saris counted. “I have done nothing wrong, do not be fooled by the machinations of politics,” he said.

Dickishi, who is ridiculed that I am not the son of cunning, may God do good to the troubled. The election is supposed to work tomorrow. He said the attack should be answered in the by-election.

CBI raid on political evil, Siddaramaiah outrage

I have got 1 lakh 77 thousand in my house, ”the CBI said. 3 to 4 lakh in the adjacent office and 1 to 3 lakh in the Delhi residence. “I don’t know whose house it was found in,” Dikeshi said. But, I do not have to say what was the choice for those who came from Parappana.

I got out of jail. I have shown the sign of victory. Sonia Gandhi is the KPCC president. “I have never heard of anybody giving him a presidency.” We have given all cooperation to the government during the lockdown. “We stand by those who have suffered from Kovid as an opposition party.”

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I stand for the Congress President on behalf of the laborers and farmers. We have fought the Kovid corruption. Corruption has emerged both within and outside the system. But we were not allowed to speak. Also, I talked about the protest that took place when I got out of jail
Dikeshi expressed outrage against Madhuswamy.

The attack took place when Dikshi was going to fight on behalf of a Dalit girl, saying she was also fighting the rape of Uttar Pradesh. But I did not run away. He challenged that the prison could not shut its mouth with an FIR. God, people and leaders are with me. DK Sivakumar has said that as long as he is present, he will not give in to any cunning.

CBI raids DK Suresh’s house


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